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hi I have a niece that has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Having gone through it myself I an keen to help her in any way I can. I was given a book of inspirational quotes that help me through my journey. Unfortunately I have misplaced my copy & cannot remember the title.  The quotes were short and either funny or serious. 
Wondering if any one has any suggestions for a good book



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    Hello @JosephineG

    Unfortunately I don't know the name of the book you are referring to but I have found a link to some discussion regarding books from our online community that you may like to read

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    I have one called What cancer canNOT do  
    where there's life there's hope 

    Are you looking for Christian based books JosephineG? if so maybe asking some of the ladies in the Christians with BC group might help you find some titles. 

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    Hi there depending on your sense of humour. The love your sister site has heaps of awesome stuff one in particular is the little box of f”’!s I’ve sensored that as your a new member and might not appreciate my colourful language.  But there is other cool stuff on there too. Margie. X