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Hi All, 
After a terrible 2107 having chemo and radiotherapy I am thankful I am now well, back to work and generally feeling back to "normal". One of my colleagues suggested a trip to Canada in Aug/sept this year and I would love to go. However, it will be a expensive trip and it seems travel insurance will not cover anything to do with pre existing diagnosis of cancer. My one concern is recurrence which could happen anytime after paying for the trip. Anybody, have any suggestions. I am a stickler for insurance and would not like to chance a trip without it. 

Any thoughts or past experiences of travel.


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    There are a couple of threads on the site already on travel - a number of people have found insurance that will cover a pre-existing condition. The issue with most is you need to be 6 months past active treatment (or hospitalisation).  I have travelled overseas a few time since cancer, and have been covered (Canada including which was wonderful). Alternatively you can get cover for almost anything that is not cancer related, but it would pay to be very sure of what the policy deems to be non cancer related, and , as you point out, tat would not cover you in the vent of a recurrence (which we all hope none of us have to face). I have used Covermore through my travel agent - never had to claim so can't comment from that end, but both my husband and I have been covered for involuntary need to change/cancel ( not covered for just changing our minds!) and he had early bowel cancer a couple of years ago.
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    I have also used covermore. Make 2018 best year ever! 
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    I was able to obtain full travel insurance with Virgin Money, disclosing I had breast cancer.  It was before surgery or any treatment when I had to make a quick OS trip. Not too expensive either.
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