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Hi everyone 
l have such bad veins . I am going to get a porta Cath next week. Chemo starts on the 19 th of Feb . I’m getting anxious . There is so much info for me to remember. Dreading side effects of chemo . I guess l have to be glad that l am getting help in stopping the cancer from coming back . Feeling anxious today . This is overwhelming. 


  • SoldierCrabSoldierCrab Bathurst NSW Member Posts: 2,378
    hi chipo
    its ok to be anxious but try to relax .... the list of side effects doesn't mean you will get them. 
    Remember you can ring the helpline and chat to them... 
    ONE step at a time @Chipo
    did you get your MY Journey Kit ? 
    you can write things down in it. 

    Breathe .... 

    I use relaxation cds to help me relax....
    Petrea King has a great one called Relaxation...  Relaxation            you can find it on itunes.
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    Hi @Chipo. Control what you can. Having a port was the best decision for me, as I also have bad veins. It takes one stress out of chemo. Lots of people find it helpful to use a local anaesthetic patch or cream (brand name Emla) for when the port is accessed, but it was never offered to me, and it never bothered me. My port went in on a Friday and was accessed for chemo the following Tuesday - 4days. That was probably the worst one. I would also warn you that the pain from the insertion was, for me, worse than the pain following my wide local excision and axillary clearance.  But I am a bit of a wuss.
    As @SoldierCrab has said, the list of potential side effects is long, but very few people get all of them, and some lucky people get very few of them. Who knows where you'll fall on the spectrum .
    Take care, 
  • ChipoChipo Member Posts: 19
    Thank you for your reassurance ladies . Will strive to take it a day at a time .
  • RachelGRachelG BrisbaneMember Posts: 50
    Hi @chipo, I can relate to how you are feeling, there is a lot to take in at the beginning. Getting a porta cath was the best thing I did as I have silly veins and thankfully have had no problems so far with it.  The first access a few days after it was inserted was a bit sore but otherwise it is a small sting and I haven't used any numbing creams with it. I was lucky with my 4 rounds of AC to only have nausea and some fatigue but still worked part-time and kept up with my four year old. I am 5/12 way through paclitaxol and nausea gone, some days more tired than others but generally pretty good. I found walking every morning helps with the fatigue and taking one step at a time. Take care and hope your first chemo goes well x
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    I think the fear of  treatment was worse than the treatment. Yes I didn't feel well on it but the unknown is what stresses you out. I was glad of my portacath. X
  • MoondeerMoondeer BrisbaneMember Posts: 7
    Hi @chipo I’m the same - going in tomorrow for the porta Cath - treatment starting the 20th - thanks ladies for your comments - good info xx 
  • onemargieonemargie queenslandMember Posts: 1,130
    Hi there @Chipo I had a portacath as well. Was the best thing for me. It’s normal to feel anxious about  your upcoming treatment. But just take each day as it comes once you get into a routine with it you can plan around it. And like @Fionap2017 said you might get through it all without too many side effects. Hang in there and rest assured you can do this. Margie xx
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    Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask about the portacath. I had mine put in yesterday. It’s really sore today, is this about right? 
  • SoldierCrabSoldierCrab Bathurst NSW Member Posts: 2,378

    you ladies might be able to answer this
  • ChipoChipo Member Posts: 19
    Hi Bubbles it does tend to be a bit sore because it is a fresh wound . It gets better day by day . . Do monitor for a foul smell or if you feel sick . They should have given you some medicine for pain though as well . Mine still weeps a little l had it put on the 7th of March. It worked well for lst chemo .Handy for bloods too. They are really super clean with it . Hope that helps.
  • SisterSister Adelaide Hills, SAMember Posts: 2,032
    It will be sore for awhile but do keep an eye out for signs of infection. Mine is still a little uncomfortable weeks later. It gets rubbed by the bras and I can feel gravity pulling on it so I don't pay on my side. They're great things but I can't wait to finish chemo so I can get it out.
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 4,293
    Yes...gets a bit sore. Take some pandol to help. If becomes increasingly sore and angry red it is infected. Mostly they're  fine. I found hugging a pillow when in bed stopped it being folded in and hurting.  X
  • lrb_03lrb_03 Member Posts: 808
    I found the pain after my port went in was probably the worst pain of the whole experience.  Lumpectomy & axillary clearance 4&1/2 months later was much lest painful. Take what you need to be comfortable to move around
  • Bubbles25Bubbles25 Member Posts: 3
    Thank you for your comments, I think it was hurting so much because of the dressing. I had them changed today and it feels a little bit better. I will try and hug a pillow, great thought. 
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