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Breast augmentation after cancer??

jane84jane84 Member Posts: 63
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Hi ladies,

So I'm 34 on Fri and halfway through neo-adjuvant chemo for triple negative BC.  My genetic testing results came back this week negative for braca1 and braca2, so it has been decided I'll have a lumpectomy in April followed by rads, then hopefully this will be behind me. My question is, I've always wanted a breast augmentation, especially since having 3 kids and am still considering one after cancer is all behind me, now I have this life is short mentality and feel I should stop putting off all the things I've always wanted.  Plus I'm worried about how disfigured I may be after the lumpectomy.  Do you think given my history of BC an augmentation for cosmetic reasons is silly?? Do implants effect your ability to be screened properly? Given what I've been through does it seem impractical now? Love your thoughts  


  • SoldierCrabSoldierCrab Bathurst NSW Member Posts: 3,266
    hi @jane84
    why not join the reconstruction group they have lots of information in there ... 
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 5,347
    Screening after implants is still possible.

    However breast augmentation after radiotherapy is much more difficult and you should discuss this with your breast surgeon. Radiotherapy impacts on the tissue and makes it more fragile.

  • jane84jane84 Member Posts: 63
    Thanks @primek a very useful website! 
  • MollygirlMollygirl Brisbane Member Posts: 213
    Hi @jane84, definitely discuss your wishes to your surgeon and get them to refer you to a plastic surgeon and have a consult with them prior to surgery and rads. 
    I had a breast reduction three and a half years ago and was so happy with the results ( I know we are at opposites but hey!) like brand new breasts so I totally understand you wanting to revamp your chest!  Although I now had mastectomies I don't regret the plastic surgery to my breasts -  it was wonderful being so happy with them. Do what makes you feel good I say!!! Xx
  • jane84jane84 Member Posts: 63
    @Mollygirl Thanks for your insight, I will certainly speak more with doctors :)
  • AnniehopefulAnniehopeful Member Posts: 1
    Hi Jane84 I read your post I’m also Triple Neg tumour 1.2cm nodes neg I initially had the lumpectomy and have done 4 x rounds A/C now 12 rounds Taxol. I haven’t got my genetics back but am not expecting to be positive. However I previously had breast implants so to do radiation after is likely to send the breast implant super hard due to capsulation. I did my research and have found a plastic surgeon to do a nipple sparring mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. Minimal scarring less downtime and great cosmetic results. After mastectomy there is no further need for mammograms and recurrence very unlikely as breast tissue gone. It’s a very personal choice and does take a lot of thinking about. Annie
  • Hopes_and_DreamsHopes_and_Dreams Gold CoastMember Posts: 756
    Hi @Jane84, I had a nipple sparing mastectomy with immediate implant 18 months ago.  Cosmetically it was a good choice for me as I didn’t have big enough breasts to have a lumpectomy.  But even though I can’t have a mammogram I do still need to have an ultrasound.  My breast tissue is gone but there can still be a recurrence in the scar area, under arm or chest so ultrasound checks are important.  Good luck with your decision. Jane x
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 5,347
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    I've had full mastectomy bilateral with reconstruction and neither my oncologist or surgeon want ultrasounds. It's actually not standard practise after mastectomy but some surgeons still do it. I haven't kept nipples though. My checks involve a thorough physical exam though, checking nodes and looking at how the skin lays across the chest etc. 
  • melclaritymelclarity Member Posts: 3,416
    Its a tough one I think, I had 2 major lumpectomies in the same breast but I wasnt disfigured at all. I dont regret the lumpectomies, however I'm glad I didnt do any breast surgery to correct as I had a 2nd diagnosis 4yrs later same breast. So chemo and 1yr post treatment opted for single mastectomy/diep flap reconstruction. 6 months later they did a right breast lift and nipple recon on the left, so I got my new boobs then. I'd get through it all first and treatment and look down the track. Hugs Melinda xo
  • jane84jane84 Member Posts: 63
    Thanks @melclarity your feedback and experience in this situation is so relative.  I was hoping I'd hear from someone who'd gone through a lumpectomy etc.  My gut instinct is to not rush anything.  Thanks for your feedback :) Jane 
  • onemargieonemargie queenslandMember Posts: 1,255
    Hi there love i was 43 in May 2016 when I was diagnosed with TNBC stage 2a grade 3 no lymph nodes involved, all scans clear, negative for the gene, had the left boob off  with the tumor in it then took the right one off 6 months later as a preventative and also had the mastectomy so I didn’t have to have the radiation.  I’m on the qld public wait list and will be for at least another 2 and I’ve just had a second opinion with another  plastic surgeon here in bris who is bloody awesome (Dr Ben Green). He does private, public and intermediate surgery at the Royal Brisbane and after seeing him much more affordable as an intermediate patient (am going to try and claim my super now for itj and so glad I got another opinion. And he has said that further detection is most certainly more than possible after implant surgery but my risk is certainly reduced significantly as I’ve done the double. Get a referal to a plastic surgeon and get an opinion well worth it and I highly recommend dr green if you are in Brisbane. Go for it love if it’s what you want to do.ill be getting it done when I can afford it for sure and then I’ll get some nipple tats too.  Margie x
  • jane84jane84 Member Posts: 63
    Thanks @onemargie you've given me lots to think about! Do you mind me asking why you decided to have a mastectomy over a lumpectomy when you tested negative for the gene?? I was in exactly the same situation it's so hard to decide? 
  • onemargieonemargie queenslandMember Posts: 1,255
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    Of course you can ask @jane84 .  I chose the mastectomy on the affected side so I didn’t have to have radiation as well as chemo. As it was at the Royal bris which was a logistical nightmare for me and I took them both off as my gut instinct told me too to be honest and don’t regret it at all. Just wish I had the immediate recon as I had no idea I’d be waiting around 5 years for a new set of tits and I wasn’t interested in having yearly mammograms and always stressing about every lump and bump as I had “cysty” boobs anyway so didn’t want to keep worrying about it or having something missed. You can PM me anytime if you like amd I happy to chat anytime. Margie xx
  • jane84jane84 Member Posts: 63
    Thanks @onemargie that makes so much sense! I wasn't given that option it was straight into chemo for me, they wanted to do the genetic testing first.  Now that's come back negative I'm told a lumpectomy and rads is just as effective as a mastectomy in my case now.  What a whirlwind for us all, its a wonder sometimes how we all get through.  Keep me updated on your progress with Doc Green, I'm very interested! Jane
  • melclaritymelclarity Member Posts: 3,416
    Its so individual , they do say lumpectomy is as efficient as mastectomy,  my Surgeon said the same. I opted for lumpectomy even 2nd diagnosis i did as i was also negative. Gwnetic counselor did agree with my following mastectomy but only a single as it wasnt necessary fir me. So be guided by the professionals and what you want to do. I have no regrets mastectomy was something i never wanted but after a recurrence i felt no choice. X
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