Weight gain and Arimidex

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Hi everyone....has anyone had weight gain on Arimidex? I work in a job that has me walking over 15000 steps per day and have never had an issue before now!! I'm not really overweight but am concerned that the weight will keep creeping on. Thanks!!


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    can you answer this for @3boysmum
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    I'm on letrozole so similar. I haven't gained any additional weight on letrozole (but chemo was a different kettle of fish)
    I think most issues are for women who suddenly go into menopause as your weight distribution changes.

    I have found losing weight a bit harder though.
    My diet wasn't as tidy though as I was more fatigued at night so not prepping good food choices to take to work.
    Once I improved that  and started recording my food choices in a food diary...well it starting coming off again.
    Exercise is helpful...but weight is 80% about what we eat.

    Hope this helps. Kath x. 
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    Thanks @SoldierCrab for the tag.

    Hey @3boysmum I was put on Arimidex after Chemo in January 2016, I put on 5-6kg from chemo and an unatural menopause! Arimidex hmmm I believe definitely added to the pot of weight gain too. I was switched due to too much pain in 2017 about April I think to Aromasin, it's not much better. I was exercising a little and watching my food but in 2.5yrs my weight keeps creeping up Im now up to 7kg more than pre treatment and very upset about it! The other insult I have is my cholesterol is high due to the meds also, all bloods came back last week great but that!!! I was told that menopause weight does resettle again, even my Surgeon told me that but Im still waiting!! So im increasing my exercise which is so hard as am back full time this year so fatigue is tough, in an effort to shift it! I never had a prob before treatment, so has left me quite annoyed really lol. Just keep at it, I rarely even have a wine anymore just because of many things really but enjoy when I do so that has no bearing on the weight at all. x Melinda 
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