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Me again :)
So I’ve had some pain under my Cancer boobie like blind pimple pain but twice as bad as I couldn’t wear a bra...I had a doctors appointment this afternoon as I was getting dressed I noticed the redness had now covered 3/4 of my boob. Anyway doctor tells me it’s cellulitis...the infection started in the area I got burnt from radiation but cleared up by first week of January...has anyone ever experienced this? I have started antibiotics more tablets to take :( thank you Nellie 


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    can you help here a bit please 
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    Oh no how awful. Yes good to be on the  antibiotics again. Keep an eye on if it continues  to spread (draw a line along where the redness is so you can tell) and be mindful of temps,  feeling shivery or just really really unwell. Sometimes IV antibiotics are needed. Unfortunately the infection from radiation might have healed on top but have been festering underneath still. You poor bugger. Take care and fingers crossed it responds quickly to treatment. Kath x
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    Yes indeedy, I've had that too but mine was caused by lymphoedema in my arm. I was warned from the outset that cellulitis is a risk with lymphoedema if you get a scratch or cut, as my lymph nodes don't work very well, but had never had a problem in nearly five years - so was possibly a bit blasé! Didn't realise what had turned my arm red - not very sore, but looked like a bad case of sunburn. Finally twigged, off to the GP and even though it was starting to recede, straight onto antibiotics. Standard treatment. I had no cut or scratch but had recently had a manicure - apparently that can easily do it if you are susceptible, and may be in no way due to lack of cleanliness by the operator, just pushing back cuticles can open up the area to germs! In your case it may have been caused by bra or clothing rubbing and leaving an opening for enterprising germs  (the cleanest clothes may still carry some bacteria, nothing much you can do).  Mine cleared up very fast, no residual problems but I'll be careful about manicures in the future. If your radiation burns are healed, you can reasonably expect to be OK and may not ever get it again.  But when you know what it is you are better prepared. My GP has given me a prescription so that if I get it again, I can start treatment immediately. If left untreated it can become dangerous. A persistent seroma caused a horrible infection four years ago, I had no indication of what might be wrong apart from feeling awful and ended up in hospital for a week on a drip of heavy duty antibiotics. I'm not keen on taking antibiotics lightly, but thank heavens for them when you really need them - the infection I got then would probably killed me if I had lived 100 years ago! Best wishes.
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    Thank you ladies @primek and @Afraser xx
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    They are the cellulitis experts; very handy to have around. Hope it all improves.

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    You should start noticing a difference within about 24 hours of taking the first antibiotic. I developed mastitis in my cancer breast about 10 days in to my radiation, felt rotten, high fever, breast didn't turn red for about anothef 24 hours. As with @Afraser, turned out to be from a persistent seroma. Completing radiation 4 weeks later was such a relief. In spite of developng breast lymphoedema in addition to arm lymphoedema, I haven't had another infection yet, touch wood (2 years since radiotherapy finished)
    Get well soon
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    Yep I had that but in the boob that I took off without the cancer in it and no lymph nodes taken. it started as a seroma then turned into cellulitis (which but the way I told the dr at the hospital was going to happen and she didn’t listen). It was sooo painful. I had to have 200 mls drained from it first stayed overnight in hospital on IV antibiotics and then had another 50 mls drained a few days later. So glad your on the right path now for treatment for it lovely. Margie xx
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    Timely reminder for me to keep an eye on my lymph arm. It often swells a bit in the heat of summer but fortunately I haven't had it go red on me. Thanks for the warning to keep mindful and get in quick for treatment if needed. <3
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    Oh I feel so much better today...a fluid explosion during the night..oh it felt so good...the relief! Can’t believe how quick the antibiotics have kicked in. Thank you for all the comments xx
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    Glad to hear you're on the mend
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