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Was just checking some posts. I was chuckling and admiring some of your network names - they are funny, cute, warrior, mysterious, powerful. And I imagined a movie like the old 'Convoy' movie. All of us network members are  driving  trucks or riding shot gun and talking  on the two way radios using our network names - and  we beat the bad guys after many hilarious and scary episodes!


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    Hi jennyss  too right! Sure is lots of great info and pistol packing banter from brave hearted warriors
    All the best 
    Bright in hope
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    That's a big 10-4, good buddy!
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    Damn @jennyss, I would have chosen a better name if I'd known I was going to be in the movies!!! 
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    edited January 2018
    My name Brenda5  is from the human like robot Johnny5 who said Johnny5 is alive.
    It's from the 1986 movie Short Circuit. Brenda5 has beaten cancer and is still alive too.
    My actual nick name is Brengun but often servers don't like the violent gun theme. On my face book group Brengun's plecos they actually suspended the account until I explained that Brengun is my nickname given to me as a kid by army uncles ( I was a noisy kid) and plecos are a species of catfish kept in aquariums.
    I love the old movie convoy. My hubby used to do the cb radio thing. His name was bull frog. His sister was yellow hornet. 
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    Dear @Brenda5 ,
     Love your explanation for your network name. I saw Short Circuit the other day on tele for about the fifth time. It is the best fun. If you like sci-fi/comedy have a look at Flight of the Navigator.
    Very funny about your facebook name too. Pity most servers aren't better at finding the real baddies out there!
    I'm going into town this afternoon to get my hair trimmed for the first time post chemo. It has grown back all steel grey and super curly on top.
    Best wishes from jennyss
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    Yeah well ...mine is just my name ...bit boring really. 
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    Mines boring too but some will say there’s only “one Margie”...... that’s probably a good thing lol !! And I could definitely do the convoy thing I reckon @Zoffiel would be into that too!! Margie xx
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    @primek if that's not a good trucking name, I don't know what is.  @onemargie I think there is only one!  Actually, I agree with jennyss - they could all be names in a convoy movie.
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    I love this movie concept and feel like I can SEE it already on screen. Need a narrative frame ... and Zoe Bell as principal stuntwoman (don't think I'd be up to much action myself what with one dislocated shoulder and lymphedema in the other arm).