have you been across to Let's talk about Vaginas lately ?

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Hi all and happy new year to everyone,

Just a reminder if you belong to our group that as it's private, therefore the posts don't appear in this main feed.  We always have members looking for support so if you haven't been to the group lately please pop over and see if you can offer some words of wisdom.  We have some new members who are after some support.

Have you undertaken the Mona Lisa Touch?

What have you found works for dryness?

We also have a post by BCNA about a Q & A session they are looking at running on the subject, come and give us your thoughts.

We have other members seeking support as they realise that in fact they are struggling with intimacy since being diagnosed.

We have generous ladies sharing and updating us on various options, which is so helpful to others who come behind us.  It can be such a confronting time so please pop over to the group if you could offer some words of wisdom or just to say hi.


Here is the our Link  http://onlinenetwork.bcna.org.au/group/9-lets-talk-about-vaginas

 if you would like to pop over or would like to join.  If you are new and requesting to join, once you put your request in and leave us a message, myself or one of the other volunteer group leaders should respond and join you up within 24 hours. 

It is wonderful to see members getting information and support from other members.

Alice @SoldierCrab

Kath @primek



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    Well done girls. Great to see you helping others With these issues often not discussed. 
    Paula x
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    Ladies if you do go on the trial for the Mona Lisa touch.... please pop over the group and share how it is going with us. 
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