Another bad start to the year

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Hi guys

I was diagnosed last week with Breast Cancer after my GP did a boob check at a routine Pap Smear in Nov.  She sent me for another mammogram  in early Dec (altho the July 2017 one was clear and also didn't pick it up in the 'new one') and ultrasound .... the ultrasound came back as 'inconclusive', suggesting a Biopsy under Ultrasound.  I had that on Dec 29 and got the results back last Friday.  Cancer confirmed.

I'd convinced myself they were cysts as I'd had cysts previously (tho never aspirated or tested in any way) so was stunned when it came back positive.  My family history was always heart attack - no-one that I know of has ever had any cancer in my family history. 

I have my first appointment with the surgeon in Sydney on Monday and hope that surgery will be sooner than later.  I live in the mid north coast - so lots of travel involved from now on.

My husband had most of his stomach removed from cancer in 2010 - so whilst going thru all that, we became quite accustomed to the hospitals & chemo - but I still wasn't prepared when it came to my own diagnosis.  :( 

My 2 tumours are small & been caught early - so I am hoping for the best result - but will only find that out after seeing the surgeon.

I used a couple of forums to help me thru my husband's diagnosis (he is still in remission, 8 years later, which is pretty good for Stomach Cancer) and am happy to join BCNA in a similar role for me.  


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    hi @arpie
    welcome to the forum we all wish we didn't need. 
    IT is shock when we get a diagnosis.... I am the first in my family with BC 

    Everyone here is supportive and will help point  you in the right direction. 

    Below are a couple of links to help you find your way around the forum and also how to find a breast care nurse and how to order a MY journey Kit if you haven't got one yet. 
    It can be a a whirlwind when we first get a diagnosed.... Breathe and take it one step at a time. 


    The what and how thread. 

    Breast Care Nurses 

    My Journey Kits and other resources.


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    Welcome @arpie. None of "want" to be here, but we do have a supportive bunch of women & men here. You'll always find someone to answer a question or provide some support here
    Take care
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    Thank you for the welcome.  I have ordered the Journey kit - and am using a notebook in the meantime.  Yes, one step at a time.
    I have 5 friends who have been thru it and I have been talking with them over the last week (one of them put me onto you) for tips on questions to ask on Monday.
    Thank you
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    Why Sydney for treatment @arpie

  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 906
    We have family there and I just feel they may be more 'up with current trends' .... my husband had his surgery there and follow up appointments with his surgeon, tho his chemo was at Port Macq, as arranged thru the surgery team.
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    yep I traveled from Bathurst to Westmead Breast Cancer Institute for mine so I had the experts in BC 
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    Hi and Welcome. How lucky they were felt and they keot going until a diagnosis. Surgery is usually pretty quick then a treatment plan is laid out. Hope all gies well. Kath x
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    Welcome @arpie.  My diagnosis is still new enough to remember the shock.  It sounds like you're in the fortunate (?) position of having a group of friends who will really understand what you are going through and this forum is fantastic for advice and support.
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    Thank you.  Yes, I am seeing Dr French from Westmead tomorrow.  
    The shock is definitely still there ... my buddies are just brilliant tho. Hoping for early surgery ... this week would be good!   I am now telling all my friends to get their boobs checked by their gp every time they have their Pap smear. 
    Been hearing horror stories about the cost if going private?  Most of my buddies went public and paid very little out of pocket. My initial appointment is private and will discuss with the surgeon.  Did you go private or public?
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    Welcome @arpie. I went public difference for me was a Friday or the following Monday with same surgeon. Glad you have a lot of support around you. 
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    I went private for surgery - don't think know yet about further treatment - I may go public.
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    I went public awesome service 
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    Hi there @arpie other than the initial shock I think the worst part is the waiting once you see the surgeon and your other specialists and have an attack plan you can stsrt to get your head around it all. Please keep us posted we are all here for each other and there’s lots of positive advice for you too.  Biggest hug. Margie. Xx 
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    Just home now. Great surgeon, lovely manner. Up with latest trends, fresh back from hols. Optimistic of a good result As small and caught early. Getting sentinel node biopsy done tomorrow to determine which nodes to remove and test ... the ones linked directly to the tumour. Surgery is on Wed, stay in overnight. He does a mini reconstruct during surgery. Should be home on the weekend. No driving for 7-10 days.  
    Pathology results and further treatment plan on Feb 2 and almost certain radiation for all March - so just hope pathology is clear and no further surgery needed. Staying with brother and wife At Collaroy And they are happy to ferry me round to all the appointments and hospital And house us in between! What a godsend! Christine was with me in the consultation And a great help. Happy it is starting so soon xx
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    Sounds like you are feeling better with everything now that’s awesome xx
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