Graves’ disease and vitamins

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is it okay to take vitamins for Graves’ disease but ones that won’t affect bc ?


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    Hi,I had radio active iodine treatment on my thyroid approx 15 years ago , which basically destroyed it and since then take a prescribed dose of thyroxine tablets to make it function normally.  I was always told to check labels and not to take any supplements that have added iodine .  A lot of multivitamins have iodine and of course kelp supplements .  Probably best to check with your doctor as to your own requirements with your thyroid problems and breast cancer.
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    I think best to check with your medical professional. X
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    I see my gp Wednesday and don’t know how long until I see a specialist.  Thanks ladies.  I read something yesterday which was basccially give up every yummy food.   Bacon
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    Hi @DearB ;  Always check with your team (GP, onc, endo) as they will know what you are being treated with and can advise any supplements that may be unadvisable/not mix well. I am taking daily Vit D on advice of my endo (and approved by onc) as Vit D can run low if Graves is active - plus with chemo I am not in direct sun much (at all). 
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    Nothing special to do. No particular things to avoid. A multivit is perfectly fine. Don't believe the hype of the cure all diets for Graves (or Cancer for that matter) Kath x
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    Can I eat sushi
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 4,425
    Yes. The seaweed thing is about concentrated forms sold at health food shops. 
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