Anyone with daughters?.

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Hi there been meaning to put this post out for a while. We have two kids boy aged 19 and girl aged 21. Oncol says she is at increased risk as I’ve had it but because I’m negative for the gene she’s not high risk. And the surgeon says she doesn’t have to stsrt mammograms unti aged 40 but I was wondering what age anyone else’s daughters have stsrted. I stsrted at 40 as I had lumpy boobs and She does self exams regularly but I’m wondering if she should start earlier ?..  Margie xx


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    Not sure about mammogram as it has radiation but your daughter could self fund an ultrasound any time and it would give a good base report to compare with later in life ultrasounds and mammograms.
    I never had any daughters, only 2 sons. I prayed not to have any daughters as I had such a bad relationship with my mother I was loathe to go passing that on to a daughter.
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    Young breasts are very dense and mammograms aren't very good for that. I started at 40 because of genetic counselling and it didn't find my cancer at 51. I did. So teach self exams, breast awareness and have ultrasounds if lumpy. She could have a breast surgeon review at age 30 to determine her breast density and if appropriate annual ultrasound might be the go. Less radiation that way. Kath x
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    This might sound like a silly question BUT how do you know if you are negative for the Gene. Is it a separate test that I would have to take through my GP. I have a 30 year old daughter, we did speak about this when I was first diagnosed but since then it hasn't come up again.

    Any advise would be appreciated.

    Jan xxx

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    I believe that ultrasound with mammogram are the new standard for premenopausal women as per 2 breast surgeons. 


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    Hi there @Janny54 I had the genetic test as I was under 50 when I was diagnosed and had no family history.  Your GP surgeon or oncol can do do you a referal to the Genetic clinic in your state mine was at the RbWH in Brisbane. They do the invalid assessment and decide whether you qualify for the test then if you do you go there and see them for a consult then the results take around 6 weeks to get back. Hope this helps.  and thanks for the feedback regard8ng my daughter she is very conscious of her boobs but I will suggest the ultrasound as well thanks heaps. Margie xx
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    That’s supposed to be initial assessment not invalid assessment too bloody spell check! X
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    Hi @onemargie
    I have 2 daughters and 5 g/daughters ... I was TNBC my surgeon told me they should be tests approx 10 years earlier than my diagnosis .... so that would be at 42 for them all... I have made sure they know how to do self exam and I was not eligible for the free testing and therefore didn't get it. I am the first one in family with BC 
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    Three daughters   Surgeon didn’t recommend test and oncologist said I should think about it more as it can have implications in the future ?  Eldest daughter said she wouldn’t want to know so that decided it for me at this stage.  I don’t think I have the gene I think it was just shitty luck or good luck depending on view as found early.   
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    My Mammy had breast cancer and we were told to start getting checked 10 years from whatever age she was at time of diagnosis. Not sure if this is still what they say or not. 
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    Yes. The time frame of 10 years is correct but mammograms aren't beneficial in women under 40. That's why a referral to a breast surgeon can plan what testing would be best.
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    Nat's breast surgeon has recommended both her sisters be checked asap because of her young age at diagnosis. Nat has one older and one younger. the older one has had her mammogram and we waiting for the younger one to turn 18 which she will have both mammogram and ultrasound. they will be checked every 2 years from now on.
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    Hi my 36 yr old daughter has commenced testing , mammogram and ultra sound , and plans to test every 2 years on advice of my surgeon who she consulted separately. There are three generations of bc, my maternal grandmother, my mother and me. Grandmother was 39,mother 82 and me 62 when diagnosis. My daughter apparently has increased risk due to family history. I’ve tested negative for Braca but taking  part in a study as it seems something is going on in our genes.
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    Hi there ladies thanks for your input. I was triple neg too @SoldierCrab as you may remember   I have another appt with oncol next month and surgeon in April so will discuss with them again then. She is confident with her self testing but I think I would be keen for her to have the ultrasound done regularly and Is anyone’s daughters considering a double mastectomy with immediate recon in the future at all as a preventative? Just out of curiosity?  I was negative for the gene therefore our kids won’t be tested and she is classed as increased risk. We have no bc history in our family thanks for the feedback. Margie xx
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    My daughter was talking about a double mastectomy as a preventative but changed her mind after the gene test came back negative for Braca and after consulting the surgeon. I wasn’t involved in her decision making as I thought she should sort it out herself based on medical advice. 
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