Cooling mattress recommendations

JdJd Member Posts: 4
Hi all, this is my first post so please let me know if any improvements are needed


  • PaynePayne Forster NSWMember Posts: 131
    Great effort @Jd but were you going to say something else ?
  • JdJd Member Posts: 4
    Oh dear, haha. I don’t know what happened to the rest of my text. Thanks for letting me know @Payne

    I am still experiencing ++ hot flushes and night sweats and am considering purchasing a cool mattress. There are so many of them I am looking for recommendations. 

  • ZoffielZoffiel Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,053
    There are cooling mattresses? WHY WAS I NOT TOLD? It's probably something to do with me living in the arse end of nowhere. We hear about most things (apart from natural disasters) long after everyone else.

    I'd be interested as long as they weren't covered in plastic. I'd rather lie on a concrete floor than sleep on a plastic/rubberised mattress. Let us know what you find out. Marg xxx
  • adeanadean Member Posts: 1,033
    Cooling mats are also a great alternative bought mine on ebay .worked a treat
  • JdJd Member Posts: 4
    They are many and varied and can be ordered online. I’ll let you know how I go Marg
  • JdJd Member Posts: 4
    @Adean, so I gather you didn’t find the mat annoying size wise given only part of you ur body could lay on it?
  • adeanadean Member Posts: 1,033
    I bought 2 loved them
  • PaynePayne Forster NSWMember Posts: 131
    Well thanks for that @Jd, I wasn't aware of such a thing. Going to look into it.
  • onemargieonemargie queenslandMember Posts: 1,189
    Hell yes wish I knew about them too!
  • Brenda5Brenda5 Burrum Heads, QldMember Posts: 2,021
    Since the dog needs a big one, I thought dad and I might get some benefit in getting one each too. Even got a discount.
  • Hopes_and_DreamsHopes_and_Dreams Gold CoastMember Posts: 752
    A cooling mattress sounds like heaven. I sleep like a starfish trying to find a cool spot!
  • cranky_grannycranky_granny Penrith NSWMember Posts: 95
    Now this sounds like something I could use. @Hopes_and_Dreams I love the star fish description that’s probably what I look like. And I make use of the whole of my queen size bed hunting the cool spot, I must be radiating the heat cause there never seems to be any and I have 5 pillows and that’s not enough when trying to find a cool spot. 
    Im getting off here now and searching eBay 
  • JanineGJanineG Melbourne (west)Member Posts: 117
    @adean do you remember which brand you chose? So many options! So glad you posted @Jd. I'm over feeling hot on the mattress side and cold without covers then too hot with them repeat repeat all night long. I do love my cool top pillow. 
  • adeanadean Member Posts: 1,033
    Sorry l dont l just randomly bought 1 and loved it so much. Funnily enough l gave them to my daughter whose dogs sleep on them lol.lm 5 1/2 years post still flushing but not as bad. Funny they are actualy for animals as well.
  • Brenda5Brenda5 Burrum Heads, QldMember Posts: 2,021
    Dog and I got our cool pads and they are a god send! I can't get my dog to get up off of his and for me the cool pad stops some of my lymphodema in my arm. I haven't had my compression sleeve on for a week, this is great!
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