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Hi. I'm a new member, I never thought I would be joining a group like this, but hey, here I am. I am 48 with three children aged 8, 10 and 12. I was diagnosed late October and have had three surgeries since, the most recent being a mastectomy on the 5th of December. It sucks, but I'm doing pretty good. I'm seeing an Oncologist next week to discuss further treatment and I am considering reconstruction at some point. I'm still in a bit of pain, mostly a burning nerve pain. Would anyone have any suggestions on the best pain relief for nerve pain?  It's great to be able to chat with ladies in the same boat. 


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    Hi @Roxette69 and welcome to the group. I’m sorry you have had to join us. Nerve pain can go on for many months or longer. I take panadol osteo for mine three times a day and I know others who also take nurofen ( I can’t take it unfortunately). This is what was suggested to me by my oncology team. Hopefully others may have other suggestions that may help also. Take care xx Lesley 
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    Hey Lesley. Thanks so much for the advice. I will have to get to the chemist tomorrow. Yes, I was told it could go on for a long time. It's a weird feeling because most of the area that was removed is completely numb to touch. Thanks again for the reply.
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    Endone was the pain killer I was given after the bi-lateral mastectmy operation and it worked for me.  It is a prescribed medication, you can talk to either your surgeon or Oncologist and see if they think this suits in your condition.  You could get addicted to Endone so be very mindful when you use it.
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    Hi @Roxette69, I'm so sorry you're joining us -  but welcome. The nerve pain is certainly a trial. I know it probably feels yuck because of the numbness, but the more you touch it the better. The nerves around the lymphatic system get stretched when you have nodes out. Nerves don't like being interfered with and they are notoriously slow to heal and repair. 
    Touch the areas of nerve pain.  Stroke, pitter patter with fingers and if you have a removable shower head use that on it in the shower. Try doing your hand climbing up the wall in the shower after some warm water on the affected area. Be vigilant with your exercises. I found endone good in the early stages then regular panadol.
    Hugs xxx
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    Hi and welcome.
    The nerve pain was worse than the surgery pain for me. I was on panadol osteo and tramadol after a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction.  I took lyrica for several weeks and once I could tolerate it gently stroked those irritated nerves along my skin. It helped and I was able to stop tbhe medication quickly. 

    Please join our reconstruction group. We have many photo stories to look at and can answer many questions. 

    Kath x
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    Hi ladies. Thanks so much for your ideas. I have been taking endone for pain but don't have any left. I didn't want to use it too often because of the risk of dependency. I will try the panadol osteo though. Kath, I have joined the reconstruction group thank you. 
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    Nerves and numbness take a very very long time to settle! My armpit always felt wet!  Still today I take Panadol osteo, recommended by Onc and it does work 
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    I agree the panadol osteo is good. I found physio helped too once you see the oncol and get your plan of attack you will be able to think clearer and know exactly where you are heading will help too. And you’re right it does suck I was 43 last year when I was diagnosed. You can read my story on here. It sucks but it’s doable does that majestic sense? There’s ladies on here with young families too so you will get plenty of advice for sure. You are not alone lovey that’s for sure we are all sisters on here as far as I’m concerened. Biggest hug. Margie xx 
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    Also baths heloped me too but it was winter last year when I was having my surgery and chemo you could also try a soft ice pack or heat pack depending just make sure you wrap it up first in towel or chux cloth as it’s numb under there and you might not feel it if it’s too hot or cold xx
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