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i just got these results what does this mean high grade carcinoma and possible LCIS


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    Your health professional would be the best to advise you on the results.  Did they give you any information when you got these results?  We'd be only guessing and perhaps not helping your demeanour.  Are you due to go to the specialist soon?  If you need advice BCNA have nurses on their counselling line that could help ease your mind, otherwise the resource within the BCNA website, link from the website

    ................sorry can't be of any other help!  Take care, deep breath
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    Everything about breast cancer sounds awful; the language is scientific which can be incredibly daunting when you first start hearing it.

    The first couple of weeks are terrible. Part of the problem is understanding and remembering what you are being told. Learn to hit the 'reset' button and make your team explain things again (and again if necessary) until the picture starts to make sense. Don't get too fixated on small details to start with, get your head around the larger situation that you have been dropped into.

    Do not google. You need specific advice about your own personal version of the disease. You can only get that from the people with direct access to your results. All right, we all google, but make sure you know exactly what you are looking for. That takes some time.

    We can help with many things, but you need to get information directly from your specialists. Good luck. Marg xx

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    I’m afraid after 12mths a lot of the language of results still confuse me. I usually take a deep breath then ask. Is this good or within normal. That works for me.  I have put complete trust in my team at the clinic they have got it mostly right so far. 
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    LCIS stands for lobular carcinoma insitu.

    So its possible but not definite.

    The grades relate to how much like its original cell it looks. High grade means it has mutated enough to look quite different. Mine was a grade 3 but was invasive into breast tissue.

    Since they've not given the grade these results seem to not be definite as yet. 

    The good thing is it is most likely confined to the lobules of the breast and this means much less treatment needed.

    You might find this helpful.

    Kath x
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