Lab doing more stains - what does this mean?

Claudia21Claudia21 Member Posts: 7
I had my wide excision on Friday with wire localisation. An anxious wait til today for results. When I rang today I was told the lab was doing more stains on the sample. My core biopsy was DCIS intermediate grade. Does this mean it isn't and is something else? 


  • Tracey_BCNATracey_BCNA Member Posts: 34
    Hi @Claudia21
    I am one of the nurses at BCNA.  Sometimes they do further tests it doesn't necessarily mean something has changed but you will need to wait for results from your doctor to get the answer to your question.  That doesn't make waiting any easier, hopefully they will have some results for you soon.  If you would like to speak to us on the Helpline we can be contacted on  1800 500 258

  • SoldierCrabSoldierCrab Bathurst NSW Member Posts: 2,383
    hi @Claudia21
    It is hard waiting I know at the beginning, but they are being thorough and that is good. 
    Do you have a local breast care nurse yet   https//
    Do you have the My Journey Kit? https//

    Once you get results it can feel like things are moving fast... So try to relax and know they are checking it carefully to get the right information for your team and yourself.


  • UnicornkissesUnicornkisses Central CoastMember Posts: 395
    My pathology had to do extra testing to identify whether I was HER -ve or +ve.
    The first test came back equivocal ( I think that means half way between)
    They use staining also to check whether ER and PR +ve.
    Sounds like they might just be making sure about the specifics.
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