4 weeks past op and still tired

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Hi all. Had a terrible year since 30th May. Lumpecty, 4 rounds chemo, bi lateral mastectomy (my initiative ). Now 4 weeks and 3 days post op and still so tired. Still sore and needing a nap during the day. I feel I should have more energy by now. I know I need to take it easy but I just thought I should have bounced back a bit better. Im napping while the kids are at school (5,6 & 8). My recent bloods were all okay. Mentally I think Im doing okay. 


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    you have had major surgery and chemo - it really takes a long time to recover. Listen to your body and allow it time to heal. It is ok to rest. You have to look after you so you can look after others.

     I took a year or more for me - but never back to normal. Its a new normal after breast cancer. Especially for those of us the treatment makes us menopausal.

    face to face BC support group is great too  if you have one close enough.

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    @Shorelle you will find what you are experiencing is normal.  Your body has been through the mill so to speak and it takes a long long time before what you think is normal is back.  Normal is evolving!  Listen to your body and rest accordingly otherwise it really will be one step forwards and two steps backwards

    Take care 
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    Honestly my recovery from surgery took 5 weeks and tbat was ore treatment. It took 7 weeks post chemo for me to get sone energy back but got tired quickly and napping. It's only early days. In a couple of weeks try some very short walks and see if that helps with energy. Ensure your diet is well balanced also. Kath x
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    Thanks, I suppose Im on Tamoxifin too so its bringing on the menopause. 
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    Yes...the hormone changes take time for the body to adjust. I found even panadol makes me tired now. I needed it for a while after recovery of taxol and commencing letrozole. 
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    Hi there @Shorelle I had Triple neg last year left boob off in may 8 rounds of chemo then right boob off In November. I finished chemo in oct last year and I was still tired until April this year and slowly each day felt better and by July I felt “back to normal” well the new normal anyway. Around this time my hot flushes and neuropathy also practically disappeared. I hardly ever get a hot flush these days thankfully and hardly any pain in my hands now so it takes time and I was still having naps through the day for months after surgery and treatment so it takes time I did and still do find light exercise helps me heaps with fatigue I get up and walk early every morning with my dogs and it gets my day started. I also did that post surgery and during treatment and it did help. Hang in there lovey it gets easier just takes time. Margie x
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    I took left boob off so I only had to have chemo and no rads and took the right one off like you (my choice) trusted my guts on that one and don’t regret it. Also have you had any physio? That helps heaps with recovery.  Margie xx
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    Shorelle said:
    Thanks, I suppose Im on Tamoxifin too so its bringing on the menopause. 

    @Shorelle - Hi!  I'm on Tamoxifen also, have been for over 2 years now; they say it is 10 years all up for Tamoxifen.  Hot flushes were never a problem but aching bones, mainly the legs!  Onc suggested Panadol Osteo and yes it does work.  Hope you settle in side effects!  Everyone will tell you the new normal is evolving as the tiredness and shock to the system takes it toll.  A small walk here and there each day, beyond your normal routine, will help.  Take care x
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    Hi @Shorelle, 4 weeks post op is a blink in time!! You have started recovery - after all your body has been through and is still going through it's no wonder you're tired. Take this time to try and rest, really really rest and do pleasant things that leave you calm, centered and relaxed - breathe deeply........ Now that I've finished my Swami Sarasvati impersonation - I do think you should be gentle with yourself, you have plenty of time to get back to "normal" and giving yourself time constraints is adding stress in itself. With your needing a nap during the day - just term it as a power nap, because you are recharging your batteries for the next onslaught of energy use!! Don't mega high powered executives schedule time for power naps because they are so busy???? Don't give in to the idea that you should be back doing everything 50,000% better than before in X amount of time, that one seems to be media hype for the ultra rich who have assistants to live their lives and raise their children for them ;) Big hug lovely, I reckon you're doing brilliantly. Xx Cath
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    I had my first full days energy last week. Two years after the breast cancer.
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    @Shorelle  you've had an absolute flogging in the last little while. You've got to remember that this is not just a physical event. It is incredibly stressful on a mental, emotional, social and financial level--those bits tend to drop off the radar. None of us volunteer for this shit and there are very valid reasons why --apart from the fact it can kill us--no sane person would want to be in your position.

    If you can rest, rest. Don't worry about what you think you 'should' be doing instead. Self care is underrated and its importance only becomes obvious to us after we have ignored it for too long. You've done some tough stuff lately. Marg xxx

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    Thanks everyone. Im off to see plastic surgeon tomorrow for him to put some more fluid in these expanders. Almost up to 400.  I do look forward to having them replaced with the implants  (not the surgery though) seems we recover from one treatment to have the next. Im hoping that will be the end of this. Please let it be a thing of the past. X
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    @Shorelle Rest assured the changeover surgery is minor compared to the 1st surgery. 
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