Dry cough during Taxol

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Hi Ladies,
has anyone developed dry cough and mucuos in nose during Taxol? After two days of my 1st Taxol I started to have mucuos in nose and throat and then after a week I started to have dry cough. Its been 17 days now and I still have dry cough. Just wondering if this is a Taxol side effect. Thank you in advance.


  • poodlejulespoodlejules Member Posts: 157
    Hi @AA ; . I had a cough on Taxol and Herceptin along with the bloody nose. I still get both as I'm still having Herceptin, and it even changes my voice to a croaky one for about a week after treatment. Are you on Herceptin as well?
  • AAAA Member Posts: 19
    Thanks for your reply @poodlejules, im not on herceptin. Is your cough dry as well?

  • LMK74LMK74 BrisbaneMember Posts: 710
    @AA, taxol really dries our mucous membranes in our body. A lot of us ladies had bloody noses from being dry and sometimes a dry cough. Also losing your nose hairs doesn't help either.
  • poodlejulespoodlejules Member Posts: 157
    Yes dry too , mention it though next time you have treatment or a docs appt . All the best! 
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 4,320
    Do mention it to oncologist as taxol sometimes causes lung issues. I don't remember the cough but had a constant nasal drip. Watery eyes and spontaneous blood noses and blocked nose. Saline spray assisted with this. Kath x
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