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This is a long shot but it has left me wondering. Ive always lived a clean healthy life and dx with BC at 44. Although specialists say I was just unlucky I keep wondering if I did anything to cause this. I did have children oler at 36 and had trouble breadt feeding. The only other think I have done is used Essential Oils alot over the past 2 years. Im even a wellness advocate for Essential Oils and teach about their many benefit. I have used them a lot on my body, a nightly routine including on my breasts. I have read a few articles lately in regards to Lavender and how it can stimulate ER. My BC was ER + . Very curious to see if anyone else has had these thoughts or feels there is a link possibly.


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    Hi @Shorelle, I have used essential oils previously. Absolutely love lavender, used peppermint for migraines etc etc. I have not thought about whether there was a link and I would not say that my use of oils would have been often enough or sustained enough to trigger BC (my cancer was also ER+ and PR+). But to tell you the honest truth I don't bother worrying why I got BC. I think that until causes are factually proven,  trying to determine how I developed my BC is one way to add unnecessary stress to my life that I don't need. I just tend to think of it as - everyone has cancer cells in their bodies and for some unknown reason those cells got triggered into action. Whether it was stress, preservatives, too much sugar, too many processed foods - who knows. You've probably already seen the link for The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre and their about herbs site. It lists all what herbs are good to use and those that we should look out for.
    Personally I don't think that you have done anything to cause your cancer - I reckon it's many many many factors over many years. I'm hoping that this is not causing you distress, if it is please contact the BCNA nurses 1800 500 258 to try and put your mind at rest. Big hug lovely. Xx Cath
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    Please don't spend too much time trying to figure out why this has happened to you. There be dragons in that territory. We can't undo what has happened, and it is not helpful to pick your life apart wondering if you did something wrong.
    Cancer is random and it sucks.
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    Agree with Zoffiel. The things that might be a potential contributing factor to something that may cause cancer is an endless list. Breathing is on it. If you ingested carcinogenic material on a daily basis, it might have an impact. Then again like my grandfather, a lifelong pipe smoker, you might live to 94 in robust good health. As a "fixer", I sympathise with wanting to have answers. Cancer has taught me a few things - to be a wee bit more accepting, to recognise that stuff happens and that not all bad stuff could have been avoided if......
    it's also taught me that life after cancer can be very good. Look forward, not back. Best wishes.
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    No blame on getting it. We all want to know why us? It was but one cell dna change and our body unfortunately couldn't pick it up quick enough. I never used essential oils. 

    I think all we can do is follow the advise. Eat a balanced diet. Moderate exercise. Plenty of water and ensure your Vit D is adequate. Even when our tumours are ES + it isn't why the cancer grew. It is just what it is using. I think peri menopause might possibly trigger it for some ...but that is a natural process and something we have no control over. 

    Take care. Kath x

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    Such wise words by all. Sooner or later I will develop this wise attitude. 
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    @Shorelle great advice from all above.  It is not so much now about how did it happen but what can I do to get through treatment.  Acceptance of where you are it is a big step forward in getting through treatment.  Wishing you wellness in your recovery.  Take care x

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