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Summerhill38Summerhill38 VictoriaMember Posts: 731
Some ladies may remember my story of Willy Wagtails nesting last year ?
The 1st nest fell apart as they had not secured it, the 2nd had 2 babies and the 3rd had triplets.
This year they have again built in one of my pot plants but have secured it to a branch !
Three eggs can be seen.  Isn't nature a delight ?
Hope this brings a bit of cheer to your day.


  • Ann-MarieAnn-Marie Member Posts: 1,158
    The Willy Wagtails are back! :)
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 4,211
    Just beautiful 
  • adeanadean Member Posts: 1,019
    Lovely l remember a lady threw her hair outside during chemo and the birds made a nest from it. Nature makes u appreciate life. 
  • LMK74LMK74 BrisbaneMember Posts: 674
    They are so cute. I love birds.
  • Molly001Molly001 Member Posts: 416
    Very sweet! Can't help but smile at that!
  • BarbieAnneBarbieAnne Adelaide Member Posts: 77
    Very cute. Love spending time in my garden watching the birds feed from the bottlebrush
  • onemargieonemargie queenslandMember Posts: 1,092
    Beautiful x
  • Summerhill38Summerhill38 VictoriaMember Posts: 731
    Thanks everyone
    I am glad our joy with the little Willys photos made someone else smile.
    @adean, that is such a funny story of how nature can take advantage of anything.  Their nests can be so intricate and one wonders how on earth they manage to glue it all together.  We have had them taking the sheep's wool - our sheep are Wiltshires and Dorpers so they get a range of colours as well as comfort
    Enjoy our Spring and what it brings.
    Hope all are well. 
    Summer   :)
  • SoldierCrabSoldierCrab Bathurst NSW Member Posts: 2,315
    wanted to share I had an Aboriginal lady tell me that willy wagtails sticking around means that someone close to you who has died is visiting you...... I rent whenever I move house I find it takes my "willy" a few weeks to find me.... I told him and his many jenny wrens that he tries to impress as thought they are family 
    I am rural and have lots of bird life in our all garden backyard (no Lawn) including a set Eastern Red Rosella's who bring us their newborn each spring and introduce them to us and some king parrots who visit me daily it has taken at year but now the King parrot has realised we are not a threat and now there are 2 king parrots. we have a bore for watering and if I haven't put it on by a set time my bird alarm begins with them all lined up on the pergola and bird baths whistling at me to get it on .... 
    Nature is the most amazing thing when we allow ourselves to see it in its natural beauty. 

  • Summerhill38Summerhill38 VictoriaMember Posts: 731
    Hi @SoldierCrab
    Gee, I did not know that - I must be more attuned to a special visitor, eh ?
    I have moved from rural (where the Willys are) to a regional area and so miss the bird life.  Last weekend we had rosellas, magpies, wrens, the willys, grass parrots, big crimson parrots and new holland honey eaters.
    I am told this area has too many good parks for the birds to bother going near homes but we are planting natives in the hope we will encourage them - and yesterday we had a new holland honey eater visit.  Wheee !  We will keep planting !
    Have a good afternoon and whistle aloud for your birds.
    Summer   :)
  • wendy55wendy55 Copper Triangle South AustraliaMember Posts: 341
    We also have willy wag tails visit and when my partner is in HIS shed working willie walks straight in sits on the nearest thing he can find and watches my partner keeps on doing what he was doing, I have a bird bath in both the front and back gardens, I also have a weeping mulberry that is fruiting at the moment to the delight of the bird life who love fossicking around and eating the fruit, it is one of the joys of my life to sit and watch the antics of these and other birds in the garden, and how cool would it be if the willy wagtails were my parents and grandparents popping in to make sure all is okay,its a lovely thought and will remember, on the day of my sons wedding just at the beginning of the service a sea gull flew gracefully in and stood by for about 5 minutes, I had hoped that it might be my dad making an appearance at his beloved grandsons wedding!!! well that was my thinking!!!, 
    cancer of any kind gives you a new perspective and I now find that I can live in and enjoy "the moment",
  • Summerhill38Summerhill38 VictoriaMember Posts: 731
    Hi @wendy55
    Yes, as Soldier Crab said, I am now thinking it is my Mum visiting me as the timing is the month when she passed.
    Whatever we think, as long as it is good thoughts, cannot hurt, eh ?
    I have always loved nature and like you have several bird baths and feeders.  They bring so much joy with their antics.  My neighbour hates magpies but I love them and get lots of pleasure watching them in our big trees.
    As you say, we tend to treasure every moment now.
    Keep well.
    Summer   :)
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