Cold/ice socks to prevent peripheral neuropathy

MischaMischa Member Posts: 6
Hi all, does anyone know where I can obtain cold/ice socks to try to prevent peripheral neuropathy in my feet and toes?
I had my first chemo yesterday (so far no major reaction) with Taxotere, and was able to use the scalp cooling system and iced mittens ( this wasn't as bad as I expected either!).However, they didn't have the socks and I would like to try them next time. I also wondered if I could use the mittens on my feet???


  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 4,211
    I think they did away with the socks due to safety issues.
  • PiccmePiccme Member Posts: 54
    Hi @Misha , I used the ice mittens for my taxotere treatment x 3 cycles. I didn't have and was not offered ice socks. In the end I had no problem with my feet, toes or toe nails. It wasn't until after the 3rd cycle that I suffered from neuropathy and have lost 9 out of 10 finger nails. I am still suffering from neuropathy in 8 of my fingers, pain more than numbness and I am 12 weeks post chemo. However, I reacted badly to taxotere from the outset. I ended up having a dose reduction and my oncologist comment on how unusual it was to get the nail reaction that I did. I can only recommend to keep using the mittens if you find them comfortable enough but keep in mind everyone's reactions are different. While my feet are sensitive to temperature I have had no issues with them orherwise. Hoping you too will have no problems with both feet and hands. I vaguely remember (thanks chemo) as @primek has mentioned that ice socks aren't on offer anymore. Best wishes, Sophie
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