Menopause supplement ? after Breast Cancer and Hysterectomy

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Hello everyone,

I am a breast cancer survivor of nearly 6 years now.. 2 DCIS removed along with a double mastectomy, no lymph nodes removed, and only radiation treatment.. not on any medication and am cancer free.

I've had a full hysterectomy with ovaries removed and I am now 3 weeks post op. I had bad endometriosis and adenomyosis,  so I'm glad to be recovering. Menopause has kicked in instantly with hot and cold flushes at night and tiredness that comes and goes.

My question is... having had breast cancer can I take anything to help me with the hot flushes in way on menopause relief.. Don't want to go near HRT. 

I don't want anything that could  increase any cancer risk ? And if so what do you take after having had breast cancer. Am I allowed to take anything at all ?

I hope you don't mind me reaching out to you. I would love your expertise please.


Age 45


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    I think tumeric has helped for me. I had the plumbing removed in Dec 16 at 53 just before I started chemo. I was perimenopausal but the last step was a doozy. 10 months later everything has started to settle down, I suspect that the main influence is time, but I do think the B,  D Magnesium Calcium and tumeric supplements are helping. The Onc is OK with the tumeric now I'm done with chemo. 
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    Hi @jultol
    I was put on HRT (thanks Doc !) then did try some more ''natural'' medicines from the chemist but eventually had a short series of acupuncture and that worked a treat.  I am not keen on needles at the best of times but this was a walk in the park.
    Good luck.
    Summer   :)
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    My oncol offered me a low dose antidepressant for Tamoxifen induced hot flushes - effexor or endep. I declined for now to see if things settle on their own. I don't know how effective it is or if this might work for post hysterectomy symptoms, or if it's a whole other ball game.
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    Hi. Jultol. First let me say you really need to check with ur dr or breast nurse. Im not a doctor and im desperate and unsure myself  Ive been taking remifemin ( black cohosh). Like u im not on any bc medication. But i still hav ovaries etc. I went from around 30 debilitating flushes a night  not sleeping for months to only one or two per night. It took a few weeks to kick in . Remifemin advertises itself as estrogen  free the breast nurse says its fine. Others hav said it isnt?????? But i hav been going thru this for a few years already and on top of the discomfort of not being able to sleep on my side last 6 months after mx, expanders then implant surgery  i was finding it hard to cope. There is a blood pressure medication u can take they often prescribe it  but as i am already on the low blood pressure spectrum they said it might make me dizzy and mayb passout so was no good for me. So talk to the docs there are a few options out there hppe u find some relief. Xx
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    I found Remifemin very helpful during menopause- as I understand it is a hormone balancer not estrogen - however that was many years before I developed breast cancer. I’d check with your oncologist before taking anything . Remifemin is a refined version of a herb called Black Cohosh and has been used in Germany since the 1950s. There is a site you can go on to look at supplements and their impacts which you could use to look up Black Cohosh it is : 

    I also remember there was another natural supplement for menopause called Promensil which contains red clover - it may be worth a look but I have not personally tried it.

    Pleasebe careful though as just because it’s deemed a natural supplement does not mean it is safe for us to take.
  • jultol
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    Ladies... Thankyou so much.. this information is  great.. I shall take a  lot of the advice mentioned and now speak to my oncologist of the suggestions recommended by all .  All are so kind.. Much love... Julie xoxo  
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    I have read on other forums the women take Gabapentin. 
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    What about evening primrose oil x
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    Hi Julie
    I used to take Gabapentin (it's actually normally used for nerve pain or epilepsy) for my hot flushes and it worked a treat!  However, after some 5 years or so, I found that it wasn't as effective as it once had been.  I now take Effexor (a mild anti-depressant) and it works well for me.  My hot flushes have pretty much gone away.
    I tried evening primrose oil at first but it did absolutely nothing for me.  Same with some other natural therapies.  Be very careful with taking anything and make sure that you pass it by your oncologist first.  I know for certain that black cohosh is not recommended for oestrogen positive breast cancer patients!  I have checked this with my oncologist, Professor Arlene Chan, a number of times and she said No! (and she's an expert in the field).
    I also tried the blood pressure medication that someone spoke about in this post but once again it did nothing (that was prescribed by my GP and when I told my oncologist, she said that it is an old fashioned medicine that has been proven to not have any affect on hot flushes!).
    Anyway, good luck finding something that works for you!  we are all different :)
    Louise x
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    Thanks @louiseg. This is where I have trouble because luckily despite aggressive mx surgery, I had no spread, so no rads or chemo, so I dont have an oncologist. Have never even seen one. It makes it hard to get correct information. the breast nurse at Sunshine coast Hospital is highly regarded and she told me its fine to take the black cohosh. I had already gone off it once after reading on here it wasnt safe, but went back on when I double checked and she assured me it was ok. I have  found that the GPs dont know a lot and so its difficult to know where to source correct info. I might try the breast nurse at Royal Brisbane where I had my surgery they are pretty good with emails. Because it definitely works for me.