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All of my treatments so far have been through RBWH and I have been very happy & impressed with the care I have received through them, however as their waiting lit for reconstruction surgery is I am told approximately 2 years, I have requested a referral to a plastic surgeon, I am hoping to get on the waiting list ASAP so that some of that time may be served whilst I am going through the rest of my treatments. 
I received a letter back from the hospital saying that my needs can be met at a hospital closer to where I am now living, and handwritten on the bottom, is a suggestion of the Princess Alexandra Hospital. 
I have no knowledge of any of the hospitals in Brisbane, my partner said that the PA had a bit of a bad name 20 years ago, but as he was living overseas for 14 years, returning to Australia in December 2016 - i'm sure he would have no idea of what the bc &/or plastics team there are like though.

Has anyone here dealt with them for treatment or reconstructions please? 

Thank you in advance,


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    Hi there @MKitty68 my brother in law spent nearly 6 months in there after his traumatic brain injury and I thought they were really good so no complaints from me with them. If the waiting list is less I’d be jumping on that for sure. I’ve been waiting over a year just to see the surgeon at the royal and it will be at least another year to see another 18 months after that for the recon. You can always go to the surgeon and see how you feel xx Margie 
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    I'm being seen by the PA, so far so good. My mastectomy happens on Thursday this week. Right mastectomy for now and will wait for pathology before planning reconstruction with Lily Virtec ( plastic surgeon). Lily seemed to have a genuine care factor, I trust her and her knowledge offered to my case.
    Good luck✌

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    @onemargie thank you for your reply - my brother had acquired brain injury from being bashing in 1988 (passed away last June from lung cancer), I know how traumatic that is. I hope your BIL has recovered somewhat or is at least coping okay.

    @Gonski Thank you for replying. Good luck with your surgery on Thursday. Are you also a public patient? Do you know roughly how long the waiting list is at all? 
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    I'm a public patient yes. I'm not sure how long the wait list is I'm sorry. My team arranged this for me. Get working on this and you just never know, thinking of you.
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    I only had a lumpectomy, and went through the Mater public  in Brisbane.  I have absolutely no complaints, they were lovely. 
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    @Mira thanks for your reply. 
    The Mater wasn't mentioned to me but I'll keep it in mind when I speak to them again. 
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