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Hi i am new to this so its a bit scary.  I was diagnosed in April and have gone though my chemo 4cycles A/C and 12 week pacletaxol and carboplaintin ( thick i spelt it right) I am having a lumpectomy and auxillary claerence on tuesday and i am a bit nervous about it.  Has any one got any tips about coping with nerves about surgery ect.:)


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    It's natural to be nervous - I had a mastectomy, not a lumpectomy, and a clearance and I can honestly say that I was virtually pain free. I was at the Epworth, was plied with painkillers, but really didn't need or use them. But everyone was really attentive and determined I would not be uncomfortable.

    My mobility in my affected arm was good right form the start - this can vary, best to do the exercises (you will be taught how) as soon and as often as recommended. I am sure others can add their tips about looking after yourself in the days following. Drains are usually the biggest pest - easy to trip over when they are in, and everyone wants them out as soon as possible, but your medical team will be looking to ensure you have no side effects that can be avoided, so best to take their advice. This is a good step towards feeling cancer free, very best wishes for Tuesday.

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    Hello. You have gone through in my opinion chemotherapy which can be very very difficult. I am not being flippant but I found the lumpectomy and node clearance reasonably pain free and uncomplicated. The drain was a pain but that was only for a short time. It is scary having surgery. I remember crying before they knocked me out. I stayed overnight as I had major surgery on my cervical spine a few weeks before. Take painkillers when needed, rest up, no housework or heavy lifting. Just eat small light meals a few days before and after. Cancer is crap. Go out Monday somewhere with your family and friends. My very best wishes for successful surgery. Xxxxxx
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    Thank you all so much it has helped a bit.  I will go out for the day on Monday with my husband.   I dont think i will sleep much Monday night but that's not unusual i am going through the menapause as well from the chemo!! What fun !!!!!! I will let you know how i get on with the surgery next week Xxxx
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    Hi there @smokie08 I had surgery prior to mt chemo so a bit different to you. I chose to have a mastectomy rather than lumpectomy as I would of had Chemo and radiation with the lumpectomy and only chemo with the mastectomy. Took 8 lymph nodes but they were all clear. And scans etczll clear too  I then took the right boob off 6 months later. My choice as I felt it was the right thing to do for me. I didn’t have much pain post surgery either the drains took a bit to get used to but I worked it out. I was actually hanging Xmas lights on our gutters nov last year after my r side was done and I use the drain bag to carry my scissors and cable ties etc. I got bored so had to do something!, anyway do as I say not as I do! I was very good and didn’t lift my right arm like I was advised but advantageous that I am left handed. I also had to share a room with blokes. They were nice enough just made sure I always had undies on under my gown so if the back flew open the poor buggers didn’t cop an eye full of arse!, the next morning I put my own clothes on so it was fine. You’ll get through it lovey. Margie xx 
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    Welcome and hope all goes well with surgery. Perfectly normal to feel nervous. Kath x
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