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Hi everyone, on Monday my mum is booked for her mastectomy and removal of all lymph nodes on her left side.  She will be staying with me while she recovers. I am hoping I could get some tips from anyone  on what I can do to make her as comfortable and emotionally supported as possible post surgery. If anyone could provide some advice it would be greatly appreciated. 


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    Hi there love. I actually didn't find the pain post op that bad it was more the numbness that was annoying. She will have a drain in too and should be given a shoulder bag to keep it in. She should also be given a little pillow to pop under her arm. I slept with that to stop the drain annoying me. She will be given plenty of pain meds if she needs them so don't stress there. She will also get some nerve pain too so keep up the meds if she needs them. Get her to rest when she can but also I got sick of lying around so if she feels like getting out in the sun do it. I went to the markets etc and it was nice to get off my ares and do something. She's not supposed to drive with the drain on but I did as I had no one to take me for my dressings.... actually I did but I was too bloody stubborn and independent to ask or take up the offers.  Was determined from the start to not let it define who I am but in hindsight should of probably taken up that offer. Tell her to listen to her body and let her potter if she wants but be careful. She will get her results socn enough and a plan of attack if she needs one. I had 8 lymph nodes removed. Luckily all clear. Fingers crossed for your mum  it's a big deal having a mastectomy but it's doable and to be honest I was glad it was gone - my boob that is. Feel free to come on here anytime and ask any questions you have.  Sending you and your mum a big hug. Margie ❤️
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    And be prepared she might want heaps of hugs or she might not want any she might have good days and bad days and some days you might need to sit with her all day other days she might want some space. It can be very overwhelming especially when other fsmily or friends find out and want to call all the time. Tell her to take the calls if she wants and if she doesn't feel like it that's ok too. And be prepared that some people don't know what to say and say all the cliche shit and that might piss her off or upset her too. But she doesn't need any negatitvity around her just positivity energy love and support from you and real advice. Try not to google anything either as everyone's treatment if she needs it is different and she will need to listen to her surgeon and oncologist for that. Hope this helps. Margie❤️
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    Effects can vary widely. I had a mastectomy and 17 lymph nodes removed, no pain, went home without drains and went back to work after a week off. In spite of all fluid having ceased well before the drains came out, my clever body kept producing fluid and I had a lingering problem with recurrent fluid, but that seems to be a pretty individual thing and usually short term. I had great mobility, but exercise is important especially with the risk of lymphoedema that can go with losing a lot of lymph nodes. This is something to keep an eye on, the sooner detected, the easier to manage. Individual responses to losing a breast are also variable, from person to person and over time. There can be good days and bad days, but too many bad days may mean some focussed professional help might be worth getting. I managed well through surgery and chemo, felt punched in the stomach when I got three long term side effects and got my self focussed on the new normal really well with a bit of counselling. Asking for help is a hugely important part of coming to terms with all this, whether it's with the medical team, on this site or with a counsellor. Best wishes.
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    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Seeing what mum is going through has made our family feel a bit helpless but knowing there are little things that can make a difference certainly helps. Best wishes to you both xx
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