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    Thanks for sharing this @sandramj. I think a team based approach to managing cancer treatment is definitely best practice.

    I saw a nutritionist and my dentist before starting chemo. My surgeon, oncologist and radiotherapy oncologist all worked together during treatment. The Cancer Council was wonderful for emotional support, as was BCNA.

    An exercise physiologist/ physio is also important, as physical fitness is so important in coping with everything. I found a lot of the information myself and am glad that I did. A lot of the online resources I used were difficult to find initially. These resources are essential for people who are working and can't always physically go to support groups. 

     It would be fantastic to see more psychological support in place during treatment and more follow up support after treatment finishes. I guess each person has different needs, so tailored treatment is important.

     I have private health cover, was able to work through treatment and am financially independent. I think we need to support people who are more vulnerable in cancer treatment. How we do this is the question. I know BCNA is giving a voice to people affected by breast cancer which is a big step towards improving the delivery of integrated services. Reducing discrimination in the workplace, accessing services after treatment finishes and increasing the support for people accessing Centrelink are the main concerns I have. Everyone deserves the excellent care and support I had and I hope one day that will be the case. 
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    Yes @LucyE I agree we all deserve the best treatment as do all sufferers of cancer.  I had a part team approach with my cancer diagnosis with the breast surgeon, oncologist and radiation oncologist, and found BCNA by myself through the packs given out by Breastscreen. I also found Cancer Support Sisters here on the Gold Coast and they have some wonderful PEOPLE (male and female) doing some great things.   The building I attended for radiation and oncology visits and breast surgeon also houses radiology and blood testing companies and many others, it would be wonderful if all the TEAM could be referred to one another through the process from diagnosis to after treatment care.  But maybe a bridge too far.  I would like to work on a few of these ideas ONCE my all clear is given early next month.  Until then I am a little too self focused waiting to have the blood tests and visits to oncologist and surgeon for the 6 month mark.  Meditation, relaxation, exercise, diet, mental HEALTH are all SOOO important and the support groups.  IMAGINE if these were all part of the process how many more people would possibly heal themselves because of all the help and support they received and gave themselves.  I know I have fallen off the self-help wagon recently and am finding it very difficult to cope waiting for these tests and yet I know if I get back to doing what I need to it will help not only pass the time but also give the calm and peace I need to complete the fight.  
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    All the best @sandramj. It sounds like you are busy focusing on your health and treatment and I hope it's all going well. I agree that if some of the well-being aspects were combined with treatment it would be easier for people to actually access them when they need them. Take care x
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