3 weeks post lumpectomy!

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Hi ladies, I am having my portacath done tomorrow....I had my lumpectomy and sentinel node surgery 3 weeks ago. I am still feeling very tender.....is this normal? How long is recovery from lumpectomy? Also how long are you out of action with a portacath insertion? Thanks xx


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    Hi @AliMarie, I haven't had any breast surgery so can't comment on that. I had a port put in as day surgery. Only took 1-2 hours in theatre. I was on my way home about an hour later. It took about 2 days to get over in terms of fatigue etc. Since I had Chemo soon after it has taken a while to heal up. 8 weeks later and it's still healing. It hasn't had an impact on day to day activities. Sleeping was fun for about 2-3 weeks but I can now sleep on my side no worries. Jen.
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    I was very sore for several weeks after Sentinel Nodes were taken out with the lumpectomy. I took it easy for a week especially raising my arm above my head for hanging the washing out and washing my hair (while I had it).FYI I was also sore for a couple of days and had headaches for 10 days due to the awkward placement of my portacath thanks to my rather large chest. All good after that. So glad I got the port. I've had it 18 months now. Good luck
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    I didn't take long to get over my lumpectomy, though with the surgical site being in the crease under my breast it was hardly noticeable. I found I had to wear a bra to bed as when my breast moved around too much it pulled on the inside where they had taken a fair old chunk out. The bra kept it more stable. It only took a few days to get over the insertion of my port. After about 6 weeks I was back to normal activity, but somehow between some painting and sleeping on that side I pulled one of the stitches holding it in place and it flipped. The surgeon manually manipulated it back but I am now a bit wary and don't sleep on that side. Unfortunately it is right under my bra strap, and right where my seat belt goes, so there are times it is annoying. And they don't seem to be able to draw blood most times, but can push fluid through - apparently this happens sometimes. But it is hands down the best thing - I have awful veins so is saving these :)
    All the best 

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    Hi @AliMarie , I had a potacath inserted in my upper arm during a day surgery. Initially it was a bit bruised and swollen and as the others have said a little difficult to sleep on that side for a bit but pillows helped. I also saw my Physio to get some stretching exercises to help get mobility back as it was a little difficult to flip my arm over. I still do the exercises now just to keep things in check. I am really glad that I have it as it has made 6 months of chemo and the continuing doses of herceptin much easier on my body.
    I hope that all goes well for you
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