6 Years Since My Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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Hi everyone,
Sorry to say it has been ages since I last spoke on my blog. Slack I know! Lol!

This year will be 6 years in August since my Breast Cancer diagnosis and Lumpectomy followed by Chemo and Radiotherapy. Well I had a few scares and more biopsies early last year in 2016 which really threw me substantially. I am happy to say I am still cancer free to this day. Of course I sometimes look over my shoulder for the dreaded 'C' word, but not a chance for now luckily. Hopefully never!
I still fear for my children but since having Genetic Testing about the origin of the cancer, it has been discovered it isn't genetic which is such a relief. I originally had a 3 cm IDC Triple Negative and not hormonal BC. I was at Stage 2 with a Grade 3 tumor when I discovered my lump by chance in 2011. I have to admit I didn't do regular checks with my breast and luckily the lump was protruding through my breast under the skin at the time of its discovery. These days I am a little more vigilant with it.

I decided to study in 2015 and 2016 earning myself a Diploma of HR and a Diploma of Business respectively. Unfortunately I have not been able to get a job in HR or Business but I feel like I have achieved so much just by completing them. I studied so hard and felt such a sense of achievement and my family and myself are so proud of it too. I got 6 Distinctions and a Credit in HR and a pass in Business being the highest you can achieve in business. I just wanted to prove my brain was still functioning well and that the chemo had not scrambled it too much! Lol! I work now as a Merchandiser where I talk to a lot of people in retail organising stock and arranging it according to client preference to boost sales. I love doing it too! :)

The doctors and hospital appointments are farther apart these days, which helps to allow for the memories to fade a little. About that time when my world came crashing down around me two days after my 46th birthday. I drive past the hospital sometimes and still get that feeling of fear and uncertainty I felt 6 years ago this year. I now try to get on with it and keep those feelings mostly at bay unless I get a reminder. Like I find my Breast Cancer Journal I kept at that time and read through the pages with interest knowing how significant the information I wrote would be one day when it was a long ago memory. Or the scarf I use to wear on my head to hide my bald head through shame of my predicament. Its hard to admit but I did feel that way. Losing your hair and dignity is very hard at the time . Its only now I realise that it was all apart of the journey of BC and my feelings were very much substantiated for what I was going through. 

These days I know I am a survivor and a stronger person for going through BC and hope my blog can help someone on a similar journey. Just know that there is an after life with BC and eventually most will get through it some how. But for those who don't I have so much respect for them and their families. I wish you all well and the best with your BC and beyond.



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    Congratulations. Wecjust love to hearcthe good news stories. Here is to another 6 years...and beyond.
  • JanineG
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    Thankyou Mia. Your words are real and bring a smile xo
  • Jane_Elizabeth
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    Thanks for coming back on and telling us about life down the track. And good on you for proving your brain didn't turn to mush!

  • mum2jj
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    Congratulations... on your degree and 6 years.
    Awesome xx

    Paula xx
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    @Mia1965 thanks for your post. It means a lot as I am also triple negative. It is only a few months that I have finished all treatment. I know life goes on. I have one more operation to remove my ovaries then I am clear of hospitals for a while. You are living proof that yes for some there is a happy ending.An extra bonus no chemo brain instead two diplomas good on you!!!!!!!!
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    It is so good to hear long-term stories!  They always brought comfort to me, and to others going through treatment.  Congratulations, Mia!
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    Holy shit mia you and I must be spawn from the same egg!! I had the exact same triple neg breast cancer diagnosis as you when I was diagnosed in May last year and the same size and grade tumor. I didn't have any lymph nodes involved which you didn't mention but very ironic don't you think! I was negative for the gene test too (I'm 44). and because of this don't need my ovaries out and because I took the effected boob off and also the Right one as a preventative measure. be proud of what you have achieved, well done woman!! Enjoy Mothers day tomorrow. Margie :)
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    Great news it goes so quickly doesnt it and l know we always feel c is sitting waiting for us it will never leave us but 6 years deserves celebrating well done. Adean xx
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    Hi @Mia 1965 , What a fantastic milestone to achieve, Congratulations. And two diplomas are totally awesome.

    Wishing you many many more. Xx Cath
  • Mia1965
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    Thank you so much to all who have read and commented on my blog recently. :)

    I had a lovely Mother's Day.
    Mother's Day started with a nice breaky in bed courtesy of hubby, who by the way broke his back in January this year. So glad he is not in a wheel chair as such but he has not been able to return to work as yet. Poor dear he finds it hard. Hubby broke L3 and fractured L4. Plus he has torn his right shoulder, broke his elbow in two places and broke a rib too. Hubby fell through the roof 3.3m onto a concrete floor below first landing on his feet, then on his back.

    I remember thinking that this year would be such a good year with our eldest daughter breaking her leg last year after falling and being stood upon from her horse, and my three scares back on the 'C' train, which luckily did not eventuate.
    So I thought 2017 would be better in every way. Anyway, he is on the road to recovery and after having a second operation to tighten a loose screw in his back, he is feeling better (I always knew he had a screw loose) Lol!

    Unfortunately I had more animals around me than my children. The two youngest went up to Double Island Point with friends for the weekend. So I had our two dogs and two cats to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. Of course my babies sent me face book well wishes but it wasn't the same of course. 

    Any way thank you all for your sweet comments they really mean a lot to me. :)

    All the best lovely ladies with your treatments, I wish you well.