So this happened today!! Another option for coping with hair loss

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So I went and had my final shave today because my head was patchy and then went to my local market in Port Douglas and got this done. I LOVE IT! Henna tattoo lasts for 10-14 days depending on how often you get it wet and how long you leave it in to dry for. 


  • Karenhappyquilter
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    You look gorgeous.  Karen 
  • Hopes_and_Dreams
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    That is absolutely stunning! I love it and your beautiful smile says it all! Jane xx
  • onemargie
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    OMG I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT AND WOULD OF LOVED TO HAVE THAT DONE TO ME!!!  You look sooo beautiful!! What a great idea. Margie:)
  • melclarity
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    HOLY MOLY!!!!!! I've seen these before!!! and I LOVE IT!!!!! I so would have done that!!! you look FANTASTIC!!!!! WOW!!! Melinda xo
  • LMK74
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    Looks awesome. 
  • Afraser
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    What a lovely idea! Never saw that before but it's terrific. 
  • socoda
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    Hi @Igray3911, that looks so fantastic. You look like you should be a princess in Lord of the Rings. Awesome.  Xx Cath 
  • Hulos
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    Hi,nyouvlook super good, and beautiful face and head shape. 
    You could be a model on the catwalk...what a great idea. :):):)

  • Zoffiel
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    That is just fantastic!
  • Harlee
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    Wow - you look fabulous! It would be so much cooler than wearing a scarf or wig up north. I love it.
  • primek
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    Lovely if living in warmer areas.
  • lgray3911
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    Thanks everyone. We don't really get a winter in FNQ so looking at different options. I really feel good with this because it created a topic of conversation that wasn't about why I was bald or cancer but how beautiful the artwork was. Avoided the pity stares I am dreading for a little while anyway!! Xxx
  • Piccme
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    Wow! I love it, what a great idea. I'm only days away now from shaving my head. I'm also in FNQ and not wanting the stares at my bald head but think wearing a wig/cap all the time is going to be too hot. Really pretty, you look fabulous. 
  • kayvie
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    WOW You look fantastic! Absolutely love it!! :)
  • JanineG
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    So gorgeous. And your lovely smile has made me smile too