Hair loss question

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interesting that we value our hair as part of who we are, and loss effects our self esteem, it is reassuring to know you are not alone and others are supportive, it is like belonging to a club and signals you are not alone. The cancer centre certainly becomes home and supportive staff and other patients help you get through the ordeal.


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    Yep hair and nails was me. Not that I am vain or anything, its just my own self maintenance. Kinda weird when after decades, the hairs just gone and you go what the? I didn't really worry too much in public, just wore a cap which kept my head warm. I was a bit sick to be going out much anyway. I did realise in public, no one really takes any notice or cares really so it was just my own hang ups I had to deal with. <3
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    Hi, i initialy thought that I  would be Ok with losing  my hair. However when i did, i thought i looked like a ghost,  no hair, no eyebrows and lashes....was shicked and upset..not what i expected.
    Yes the nails started get brittle and yellow in colour. Of course people would not know that as i always wore nail polish,  and some still comment about my nails looking good...realllllllly.
    One thing ive always done is to put lippy on (coral colour ) it somehow gave me some boost and colour.
    Today, i dont ware any head gear anymore , hair about half an inch long, and I put on false eye lashes for special occasions. The only issue with that is my hand trembles,  never did before, so it takes  few goes to get it close to right and afraid one may fall when least expected...hahaha
    Things will get better, its just going to take some time..:):):)

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    A little trick I learnt when I lost eyelashes, I tried false ones but they kept sliding off uuugh!!! if you put some eyeliner across the top of your lids, nobody can tell believe it or not that you do not have eyelashes!!! xo Melinda
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    Thanks lots of great suggestions, indeed supportive
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    Eyeliner and eyebrow pencil! Hadn't used them in years but when both lashes and eyebrows went, I needed something. Glasses make your eyes look smaller anyway so mine were shrinking at a rate of knots! Worked very well.