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Hello Ladies,
Can someone give me some info on the approx cost of chemotherapy?


  • Afraser
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    I had private hospital cover so it didn't cost me anything apart from an occasional surplus when I had more than a certain amount of treatments in a calendar month. The surplus was about $100. 
  • Glemmis
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    I had mine in a private hospital & it didn't cost anything. Oncologist bulk billed as well & all take home medications were free. 
  • Zoffiel
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    The chemo treatment doesn't cost as you are admitted to the hospital on the day for it. You do have to pay for the drugs you need before and after each treatment such as steroids and antibiotics nausea meds. I think that worked out about $90 for the first lot then a bit more each time for pain meds. Depends how many you need to take.
    If you are seeing a private oncologist they may charge you, like any specialist. Depends where you live, some bulk bill. Public oncologists bulk bill.
  • melclarity
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    Have to agree, I was a private patient for mine, but Chemotherapy doesn't cost it is bulk billed, only out of pocket was seeing Oncologist. I had no financial burden at all through the process. Hugs Melinda xo
  • Staycalm
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    A public patient here. Not had to pay for much at all. Don't even pay for the pre or post meds. All part of the treatment. Even my genetic testing will be covered, as the type of cancer I have makes it more likely to be genetic and will ultimately decide how the second half of my treatment will proceed. Very lucky to be at Peter Mac here in Melbourne. Top class facility.