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Hair loss and regrowth

Jane_ElizabethJane_Elizabeth Member Posts: 156
Hello all, just thought it might be interesting for people to see what happens in a year from hair falling out, to end of active treatment. I had 4 x AC, 12 x Taxol, then 25 x readiotherapy, Finishing in October 2017. The hairless photo was March 2016, the curly one was March 2017 (last week). I had straight hair with a very slight wave in it pre chemo. Good luck to you all, wherever you might be along your journey.


  • KarenhappyquilterKarenhappyquilter Member Posts: 236
    Your new hair is lovely.  Mine was a little wavy, now looks much the same as before chemo, straight and similar colour. Karen 
  • melclaritymelclarity Member Posts: 3,416
    Oh looks lovely!!! Im 15 months post Chemo, and like you lots of Chemo Curls LOL, though it has relaxed on top alot and is growing out now, I had wavy hair before. xo 
  • fairydustfairydust Member Posts: 290
    You look great. I have just recently got my hair back to but not as long as yours.
  • Hopes_and_DreamsHopes_and_Dreams Gold CoastMember Posts: 756
    Your curls are beautiful Jane Elizabeth (same name as me :smile:)  Nice to get one lovely gift at the end of all you have been though.    Jane xx
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 4,123
    You are looking good. The curls look soft.
    Take care
  • Jane_ElizabethJane_Elizabeth Member Posts: 156
    Thanks all for the comments. I remember when my hair first fell out that I wanted to see people's before and after photos, so I thought I would repay those who were kind enough to post theirs. Having said that, everyone is different, and it is always an unknown what will happen after treatment. So for the moment, it is like trying to look after a lost dog....how to manage it, not sure how to groom it, what it likes, and who it belongs to!
  • LITHGOW1950LITHGOW1950 Member Posts: 314
    Looking good.  Your hair looks amazing. I agree trying to manage it is hard! I had straight brown hair cut in a bob....nows it curly, white and has mind of its own. But I love it! 
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 2,962
    Loved that - looking after a lost dog! Mine at first looked like the original bad perm - grey and frizzy (curly would have been fine, but no, just frizz). Those who didn't know I had been wearing a wig thought I had lost my mind. But hey, it was mine!! Improved massively over time.
  • Michelle_RMichelle_R Gold Coast QldMember Posts: 894
    Curls look good on you!  My hairdresser cut out the curl every 4 weeks until I was straight again and could cope with it.  It took about a year to feel normal again.
  • EarthWalkerLishaEarthWalkerLisha Epping, NSWMember Posts: 74
    Jane your hair looks lovely and full. Are your curls still soft? When did you get your first hair cut? The photo of me below was in December just before Christmas and just before my last radiation. Nearly 3 months hair growth.

    I had my last chemo end of October 2016 so I have 4 1/2 months growth now. It is wild and woolly with tight curls. I've never had curly hair before either, they were more waves and flicks back when I was a teenager. The top photo below was taken mid February this year and the bottom pic is from yesterday. It went really curly in the last month :D

    What I would like to know is how long do the curls stay? I want to keep my hair short as I've had it long for years and am loving shorter hair, not as fond of the curls though as I've never had them before. I haven't had my hair cut yet either.
    Lisha xx

  • socodasocoda LeumeahMember Posts: 1,773
    @Jane Elizabeth your hair is absolutely gorgeous!!! Looks fantastic. 
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 5,347
    Some people keep their curls so we just have to wait and see. I just got the back and sides trimmed and my hairdresser just keeps an eye on lengths so it stays tidy. I have silver curls. Aaaaargh
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 2,962
    Three years on it's still wavier than it used to be (especially when it's humid) but not really curly. Except in front of my ears where I have two little curls!! 
  • TonyaMTonyaM Member Posts: 2,646
    18mths for the curls to drop out for me
  • NeNe Member Posts: 337

    I am two years post treatment and still have curls.  They have dropped slightly so I can either scrunch them up with curling creams or blow them out for a softer look.  You will have more options once you get more length.  I was not too fond of them but they have grown on me (pun intended) :)

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