Solving a breast cancer mystery – why do ‘double-positive’ women do better?

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This post is a research article;

I am putting this out for general discussion.  70% of us are double-positive so this is an important topic.  This research came from England and was in collaboration with University of Adelaide.  But this isn't the first research article I have read about the protective nature of progesterone on breast tissue.

When you read the article please ensure you read to the end where there is a notation regarding difference between progesterin (found in HRT which is not so good) and natural progeseterone which this article is about. I am post treatments and use natural compounded progesterone cream.

I would however, be interested to know what you all think and interested to know what your medical teams, particularly Oncologists think about the science.  Here is the article:

For the research nerds like me out there, this is also interesting:


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    Thanks suzieq that is so very interesting and also very hopeful. Xx Cath
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    Thanks so much for posting this @suzieq. Very interesting and I now think this must have been what my gynecologist was referring to when he said that progesterone may prove to be helpful in treatment for breast cancer. He said that it was looking like they may change recommendations in the near future. So hopeful that many of us might benefit from this.  :)
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    Well, it just all makes sense to me.  From what I now know progesterone drops dramatically during menopause and it is estrogen dominance that seems to be the problem.  There needs to be balance between estrogen and progesterone (don't confuse with progestin in HRT medication).  

    My GP believes all women in menopause would benfefit from compounded natural progesterone cream to protect their breasts. (They can't put natural progesterone in a pill).  She also said we have 3 circulating estrogens 2 good, one bad but drug companies can't design a drug to discriminate so aramatose inhibitors block them all.  All very interesting.

    Please don't go off anything I say or anything I post.  I just like to share information.  Always check with your own medical team on everything posted.  If anyone here does want to check these facts with their Oncologists and are told anything different I would love to hear about it.  Cheers SueX   
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    Isn't that interesting. Thanks for the research nerd link.
    I had read something about this but as I was blissfully unaware that I was about to get back on the cancer bus I didn't pay much attention. It will be interesting to see if this leads to some sort of HRT for those of us whose cancer eats oestrogen. Once, of course, they have figured out a way to deliver it that doesn't make life even more uncomfortable.
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    Hi Zoffiel.  Sorry you are back on that bus.  That is something that can happen to any one of us at any time.  I hope you are receiving the absolute best treatment .  Knowledge is power.  Armed with knowledge we can start asking for better treatments and more importantly preventative treatment.  Good luck....