Weird physical symptoms

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i had a fairly worry free diagnosis of LCIS, but my surgeon wanted to do a further open biopsy as he was unconvinced. This showed up invasive lesion that had not been found on mammogram.  Surgery next Monday.
since the open biopsy I have been having feelings like I am going to faint, not major, just shaky legs, going pale and cold sweat.  No signs of infection or anything so just wanting to know if others have had same?  I feel quite weak and wobbly at times, and the cancer is really not at a point it should make me feel sick.  I am otherwise very fit and healthy.
I am not sure if they may be menopausal symptoms rather than surgery related as I only ceased periods in the last 6 months.
anyone had similar?


  • Cate64Cate64 Member Posts: 444
    Do you think it could possibly be stress related??? 
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 4,419
    Consider if you are eating enough. Do you find you might be holding your breath when you think about the diagnosis? happens.

    I was a mess and just took time off work as I needed to just stay home and rest and cry as I literally couldn't sleep. 

    Stress can cause all sorts of physical symptons. Other than that you might need your blood pressure checked and blood sugar. If not eating and drinking enough it can cause these symptoms. 

    I had shaky legs and felt very weak post surgery which I thought was stress but it turned out to be a recurrence of Graves disease ...hyperthyroidism. The symptons were very similar and I probably had both stress and illness.

    Keep us posted and take care. Kath x

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    Hi Suem99. I just wanted to jump in to say hello and to welcome you to the Online Network. If you are having concerns, it may be worth while checking in with your health professional to discuss the side effects you are experiencing. If you need any help accessing additional information or support, please just let me know.
  • UnicornkissesUnicornkisses Central CoastMember Posts: 398
    Hi suem99 do you have a breast care nurse yet? I found mine invaluable for those sort of questions. You should be able to find one through your breast surgeon, the McGrath Foundation website, local Cancer Care centre or an enlightened GP. They are free and can organise many things for you including post op bra, information regarding excercise, wellness, and information programs they are running, and mine even made a GP appointment for me when I couldn't get in.
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,511
    Hi!  Here's hoping it is just your body stressing and trying to catch up and release the tension you feel from the diagnosis and it's possible treatment.  A trip to the GP or your next specialist visit whichever is due first will help to understand why?  As Kath said checking the blood pressure and blood sugars may help in eliminating the symptoms! 
    Take care
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    Please start keeping notes about the funny turns; these are not good symptoms and while it may be stress ( notice there is no 'just' in there) your surgeon, and more importantly your anaesthetist, needs to know what is happening and when, particularly if it has all happened post op.
    If you can't get to see the surgeon see your GP and get them to flick through a letter so the surgical team know what is going on. Your breast care nurse can do this too. This stuff is important, tell everyone who needs to know.
  • Suem99Suem99 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks all.  Yes I had always intended to discuss with my surgeon at appointment Tuesday, just wondered if it was a common anaesthetic related thing or not.  
    I have not been working and have my family around and am being very well looked after so am extremely lucky, and relatively calm, but I have in the past had low blood pressure so that might be a factor.  Anyway, thanks for all the comments, much appreciated.
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