Menopause hot flush solved.

Brenda5 Member Posts: 2,423
Quite by accident I have found a way not to have hot flushes. Today I dragged out my old evaporative vest as it has been such hot weather. Not a hot flush out of me all day! I might sleep in the thing tonight too! lol


  • PaulaN
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    Brenda that's great to hear. Can you tell me though what is an evaporative vest?
  • Zoffiel
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  • socoda
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    That's excellent Brenda!!!
  • Brenda5
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    An evaporative vest has a layer of absorbent fill in between two layers. You pop open a bung at the back and pour in a cup or two of water and massage it all around the vest. Mine is not the soak it in water type like my dogs one. He likes being damp all day but I don't so I use the one with the bung. It will last about 3 days before I have to pour some more water in it. Mine is a blue sort but his video can explain how it works.
  • Kathyjane
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    oh .. i need one of these... i hate the heat... and this would be great whilst riding my motorbike.