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i am 54 and had a double masectomy 2 years ago and have been monitoring my ovaries through my gyno/oncologist.   Although i don't have the Braca gene, I have a growing cyst and fibroid and various pains and she has said it would not be unreasonable to have a hysterectomy.  I am thinking about it seriously and am wondering if anyone can shed light on this operation and any side affects that have affected others.  I just don't want any surprises.


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    I had a preventative hysterectomy after treatment finished.  It was done laparoscopically, no pain to speak of, just a dull ache for day or two.  It was actually hard to remember not to lift things as I felt so normal.  Like you, I had a cyst beforehand which had caused one ovary to be removed a few years earlier.  There are no side effects I can remember.  I have never regretted having the operation.  One less thing to worry about.  Good luck whatever you decide. 
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    Hi Karen.  I had preventative hysterectomy. Key hole surgery is easy to recover from but initially during those first days post surgery I had a lot of discomfort from the air they fill your belly with because it is trapped and takes a while to work out of your system.  I also struggled with a nauseous feeling and constipation which is probably to be expected after any surgery.  I remember feeling quite emotional about loosing what I thought was one of the last things that defined me as a woman.  I guess the immediate onset of menoupause, hormonal imballance etc caused most of my sadness and emotional state at the time. 
    Currently my biggest challenge after the surgery would be menoupause, hot flushes and sleeplessness.  I am not allowed HRT.  I am 41.

    Everyone's surgery or response to surgery or any procedure will be different.  I hope yours go well.

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