Newly Diagnosed.

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Hi Ladies,

It has been a week since my diagnosis of lobular carcinoma and I have my first Specialist appointment tomorrow.

I have always been high risk of breast cancer, as both my grandmothers had it.  One had a masectomy at 60 and the other died from the disease at 49, so I have been silently crossing my fingers for many years that I never get it. 

This bump in the road could not come at a worse time, as my Hubby and I are trying to conceive our first child.  We were preggers earlier in the year, only to be told at our dating scan that our Little Angel had no heartbeat.  This was so heartbreaking for us both and only in the past 3 months were we ready to try again.  I had to have a blood test to see if we were preggers this month, and we are not, so there is one less hurdle we have to deal with.

I guess tomorrow we will be filled with too much information about what needs to happen.  But, looking in this Group, I feel a little less scared on what is ahead of me.

I am hoping there are some of you that are newly diagnosed and we can get through this together.

Take care.



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    Hey dear, I am sorry to hear about your story, the first few weeks after receiving the diagnose are the most challenging ones, but keep strong and ONLY HEAR WHAT YOUR HEART IS SAYING TO YOU!!...There is always hope and you will be fine....I am here to help you in anything you need...Be positive and relax as much as you can...good diet...a nice walk....lovely music...and peace...these things are always helpful,