Simple Body Shape Calculator !

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Body Shape Calculator - What body shape are you?

Be little more Stylish: Get into it by starting with one step a day ...

  1. Make an effort - happiness comes with effort ...
  2. Grooming - nails / brows / skin
  3. Care for your clothes
  4. Forget size, fit is king - especailly under garments
  5. Flatter your shape !!!!!!!!!
  6. Believe in Accessories
  7. Shoes is everything - comfort and style
  8. keep window shopping - take photo with your phone, try it out with what you got
  9. Take some risks - be surprise, be impress, be ecstatic with a new look and accept strange reaction from others. 
  10. Styling is for you not for other to judge ... be kind to yourself.  Have FUN a little


  • Leonie Moore
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    I had a bit of fun with this - it said that I was a "rectangle" XLeonie

  • chemostyle
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    Hi Leonie,

    I was a "rectangle" because of my little A, now after reconstruction with a small C ... NOW I am mini "hour-glass" ...

    Glad you have fun.  I like the site - as it is simple to use and gets to the point.