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I am wondering when it'll be ok for me to go back to work. It's been 5 weeks and I'm starting to feel I have more energy. I work in age care and my work is very physical. I'm on my feet 7.5 hours a day. I'm having counselling for family issues and going ok at the moment. Can't seem to make up my mind when to return. Anyone able to help with some advice?
Peta. X


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    Hi I work as a carer in the community, I returned when I thought I was ready. My biggest issue was I work for rdns and we were going through huge change which made my return more difficult. As long as you get the all clear  from your docs. I actually worked off and on during my treatment what ever is best for you. Listen to your body it will tell when you need to slow down and I hope you have a understanding boss
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    Hi Peta,
    I work as an Aide in an Autism Specific School, I went back to work 6 weeks after I finished treatment, I was very ill through treatment however. My job also is very physical and mentally challenging and on my feet 6hrs a day. My Oncologist said I would not manage 5 days, so I started back at 3 days since February. Unfortunately Im only just managing even with 3 days and am 9 months post chemo. Listen to your body, I was lucky to have income protection built into one of my Super funds VicSuper, so was approved and they cover the days I don't work. I'm also a single parent of 2 teenage kids, so theres not alot of rest happening when I get home. Thankful for school holidays right now! 

    You are better off to start slow and build, you'll know what the right balance for you is.
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    Hi Rowdy
    yes my Boss is great.  I'm going to cut down to 3 days for a while and see how it goes . Thanks for your comment  :)
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    You have such a lot to deal with Melinda. 
    Having income protection is very helpful. I hope life becomes easier for you . Take care and thankyou for sharing x
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    I plan to return on 4 hour days...9 weeks after completion of treatment. All going well. 
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    That sounds like a good start, and then just listen to your body! This is the first time in my life I do not put work above myself...Id sooner put my time into other things that will improve my health. Im seeing a Kinesiologist and its mindblowing and my income protection has an exercise physiologist that Im waiting for a meeting. This will be great for strength training especially due to lack of bone density thanks to chemo. My concern was Im a single parent, no sick leave as it got exhausted through treatment and I HAVE TO WORK due to circumstances. Amazing how things work out, but I plan on starting my program and if my exhaustion and pain continue will pull the plug on 3 days at its stressful on top of everythng else and does not give me any satisfaction or sense of purpose or distraction. 
    Melinda xo
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