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Hi everyone. If you're one of the many women who have lost their libido and are finding sex painful after cancer treatment, please do join us at the Lost Libido Ladies. Our private group had nearly 100 members but was unfortunately removed when the new website was set up. The group has been reinstated, but we can't access our old members. So please apply to join, and we'll get things moving again. Apparently some of our discussions are on other parts of the website, so we'll try to find them and see if we can add links or copy them across. I was going to do a broadcast post regarding an update on the Mona Lisa Touch for women in Melbourne, the successful outcome of using Yes Vaginal Moisturiser (new product) and finally getting DHEA pessaries from a compounding chemist in Melbourne, but I'll wait until we have got some of our old members back into the group. Hope to see you  in the group soon, either as an old member or a new one. Best wishes, DaisyMarigold.


  • Jane221Jane221 Central Coast, NSWMember Posts: 979
    Fantastic news! I got a lot out of this group so very happy that it is up and running again xx
  • DaisyMarigoldDaisyMarigold Member Posts: 315
    Welcome back Jane! Thanks for rejoining. I sent you a private message because your comment disappeared when I admitted you as a member - am still finding my way around the new website. 
  • Jane221Jane221 Central Coast, NSWMember Posts: 979
    Thanks so much, got your message and looking forward to having this group available again. Sexual health issues are one of those lingering, difficult issues that seems to be routinely ignored by many health professionals, so it's great to have our safe, private space up and running so that we can talk /get support / ideas from others in the same boat.
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    What a shame the existing membership was removed, feels like being fobbed off again.  Anyway glad of the opportunity to rejoin.  I was following the outcome of Mona Lisa treatment with some hope. 
  • DaisyMarigoldDaisyMarigold Member Posts: 315
    Hi Effie - well, we're back. Thanks for rejoining. Can you please post any new comments/discussions on our actual page - this page is just under health and wellbeing. I've just done a lot of stuff and have found it's under my public profile, not this group. I will have to get it moved - it's personal and not for public viewing. SuzieQ has followed through with the Mona Lisa treatment, and I'll make sure we get her comments back on the LLL page. Thanks for your support, Pam x
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    Hi InkPetal. Thanks very much for your concern and input. I understand that old posts cannot be moved back to the Lost Libido Ladies pages. There are many of them, with a lot of valuable information, that go back a couple of years. We've taken this up with BCNA and are waiting for resolution. Appreciate your help. xx 
  • InkPetalInkPetal You are valuable, beautiful, extraordinary.Member Posts: 487
    I'm happy that's all on top of :relieved:!  I was freaking out, Do they know that's in public aaaaaah :scream: hahaha :heart:
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