Mindful Mondays Blog Post Five: Mindful Colouring

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Colouring-in may be something you remember fondly from your childhood. It has become a popular past-time for adults recently and for good reason. It might seem strange that something as simple as using a coloring book could actually be beneficial, but research continually supports this idea.

Colouring is a form of active meditation, which focuses attention on simple tasks that require repetitive motion. The gentle activity of repetitive action focuses the brain on the present. Needing to concentrate this way replaces negative thoughts and creates a state of peace, and people who have a difficult time with concentrative, traditional meditation or relaxation techniques may find this easier.

Studies have been conducted into the neurological responses of people whilst they colour-in. Three key elements have been found to prompt positive neurological responses; repetition, pattern and detail. The activity of colouring is said to calm the amygdala, the part of the brain related to the fear/stress response, while stimulating the parts of the brain responsible for creativity and logic.

Group colouring time is becoming an increasingly popular activity in many places such as clubs and social groups. While coloring does take focus and promotes relaxation, it isn’t such a difficult activity that it can’t be done while talking or spending time with others.

Have you given colouring a try as an adult? Here are the links to the BCNA mandala colouring page and the calendar. https://www.bcna.org.au/media/files/BCNAmandalacolouringpages.pdf https://www.bcna.org.au/media/files/2016BCNAMandalacalendar.pdf

Or free printable coloring pages http://www.everythingetsy.com/2015/08/printable-coloring-pages-for-adults-15-free-designs/

Don’t forget that if you post about your mindfulness experience you will be in with a chance to win the mindful prize pack (which includes an adult colouring book and 12 Derwent pencils). Post a picture, a quote, a story, a tip or show us your colouring.


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