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hi again everyone ..... Could have knocked me down with a feather today ... After weeks and weeks of telling nurses and surgeon and oncologist that I have lumps and I want something done and they have were just frobing me off with its nothing and I finally got my surgeon to send me for an ultrasound 2 weeks after radiation finished ...and he told me that there is no need to come back that he will ring me with the results I said ok and I went home. Well had the ultrasound they could feel the lumps but nothing showed up anyway I never heard back from the surgeon with the results so just took that as it was clear (even thou still had the lumps) ....so since then have just been getting on with life...But today I went to my go on another matter and I got the surprise of my life as he shut the door behind me he asked me how I have been and I said good thanks which I have been...then he said I have been waiting for the results of your biopsy and I said huh? What biopsy he said have u heard from your surgeon I said no he said well I have  and then he said have a seat so I sat down and then he told me about that last ultrasound I had cpl of months ago said that they found a tumour  and I just sat there not saying a word and he says did u hear me and I was just staring...and then he went on about what the usual course of action with this so aft I left being dumb founded that surgeon didn't even have enough thought or manners or what ever just plain rude and uncaring to even tell me about my own body which I have all rights to know good or bad but the dickhead just didn't care enough to tell me I'm so friggin angry the jerk! 

I got this tumour inside my boob doing god knows what to me ....

but I I'm not being a fool and going back to him even thou would love to march into his office and give it to him 

I'll rung the breast unit in east Melbourne and had a talk to them and they said we better get u into here asap so got  a appointment for this Thursday 

but what a arrogant so n so 

ok rant over

thanks for listening

?? kate








  • jjshepjjshep GeelongMember Posts: 41
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    Oh Kate that's shit. Fingers crossed for you.

  • Cook65Cook65 Member Posts: 726
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    What a jerk! I would definitely go to someone else. You need to be able to have trust in your medical team that they have your best interests at heart. Good luck for Thursday. Take care. Karen xox

  • JudybJudyb Member Posts: 3
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    So disgusted. Don't need that kind of treatment from medical people. Find a nice surgeon, makes a huge difference. 

  • Janet PlummerJanet Plummer Member Posts: 64
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    OMG Kate that is more than bad manners. That is negligence or malpractice or something. This guy has known about your tumor for a couple of months and not taken any action! Wow, I that is appalling. I guess you've got enough to worry about at the moment but I would consider reporting his actions (or failure to act) to the medical board or whatever you do with dodgy doctors. Who knows what consequences the delay might have for you? Fingers crossed for you that all goes smoothly from now on and you are okay. Big hugs to you. 

  • ScorpionQueenScorpionQueen Picton NSWMember Posts: 750
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    Hi Kate...

    I would definitely be getting on the phone or going to see that surgeon and let him know exactly how you feel...He needs to be held accountable for his dismissive behaviour! Two months is a looooong time when it comes to matters such as this...heck 1 week is a looong time! So sorry you had to deal with an incompetent Dr as well as diagnosis.

    TRUST is the most important thing with your team.....I am hoping you find a suitable surgeon to join yours...

    Meanwhile, breeeeathe......head up and shoulders back. March into this knowing we have your back as does your family and friends.

    Wishing you all the best






  • Jane_ElizabethJane_Elizabeth Member Posts: 142
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    Geez, what a way to find out. A good surgeon would have checks and balances in place so that even if they forgot to follow up on abnormal results, it would not get overlooked. Can understand if you don't have the energy for that fight now, but as others have said, the surgeon should be made aware that processes are seriously lacking.

    Good luck with this new fight, sounds like you have already been through a lot. I hope you have people around you who can stay with you for the next battle, and help you give it everything. You can win. You will win. All strength to you. Jane

  • Brenda5Brenda5 Burrum Heads, QldMember Posts: 1,974
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    Sounds like you had a reception break down where a surgeon says they will contact you with the results however that only means a receptionist will make an appointment for you to see the surgeon should it be required. Something has gone wrong on the receptionist part which is why you should always keep a mental note on these things and double check for yourself.

    A biopsy usually takes a couple of weeks for the results and perhaps it took a little longer with it being referred on to a more senior pathologist to check? No dramas, just get on with the appointments and treatment now.  I was always assured that my tumor wouldn't have grown much in two months and it could have been hiding dormant for years.

  • jjshepjjshep GeelongMember Posts: 41
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    Very good advise. 

  • HITHIT Perth WAMember Posts: 261
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    Hi Kate  just had to comment.  I suppose it may be related to what sort of cancer.  But have to say a tumour can certainly grow a lot in a couple of months.  My biopsy results took two days.  mammo 3.2cm u/s 2.6cm - operated on 1 week later tumour 4.5cm.  Mine was called fast and aggressive for a reason.  During treatment met so many ladies who reported the same.  We are told to check any lumps immediately - you would expect your medicos to do the same.  Good luck with your new team, they already sound much better.


  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,461
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    Hi Kate - the most important thing is now you know where you are going with this! 

    Good luck for tomorrow's appointment and take care. 

  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 1,555
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    So disappointing!! You have every right to expect better. My GP referred me to the Melbourne Breast Unit the minute she saw a rather red looking breast (no lump detected yet!) and I was seen two days later, mastectomy four days later! Not the outcome you would choose, of course, but rapid, highly professional treatment with lots of sympathetic information and assistance.

    Have an appointment there this October to mark my fourth year since diagnosis. All well.

    My best wishes for a good outcome for you.

  • socodasocoda LeumeahMember Posts: 1,680
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    Hi Kate,

    Bloody hell!!! Wishing you all the very best with your appointment this Thursday. One thing you can bet on is that you will certainly receive better treatment that your surgeon has given you. I think you are extremely wise not to be returning to your previous surgeon. I wish for you that your treatment is swift and successful and that your dealings with your medical team restore your trust and faith in them.Please keep us up to date with how you are going. All the best Xx Cath

  • Kate001Kate001 Member Posts: 34
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    Thanks everyone so thankful for my family on here it helps me a lot such great support ??Kate

  • Cate64Cate64 Member Posts: 439
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    oh wow, thats crap, I am so sorry & completely understand your feelings.

    I was fobbed off with a dismissive wave of the hand & a its just a lymph node at every appointment for 6 years, they did no investigation (neither oncologist or sugeon) whatsoever... turns out, when FINALLY, they begrudgingly listed that the cancer was still there the whole time slowly spreading.

    Medical Negligence lawsuit pending!!!

  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 4,301
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    Don't blame you for being angry. I am sorry you are back there making more decisions. Thinking of you. Kath x

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