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Well its been 4 weeks since my Mastectomy and my treatment of chemo was suppose to start this week but has to be rescheduled because my wound from the drain hasnt healed yet.What ive noticed of late is that i seem to be forever sick with a cold,properly doesnt help that every second or third day apppointments at the hospital to change my dressing but now i'm so scared of the chemo as obviously my immune system isnt the same once they took 12 lymph nodes.Did anyone else have to go into chemo not feeling 100 per cent??


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    Hello not going into chemo not 100pc but many people have gone in not too well.The nurses and docs will allow for that in the drip and prepare and plan for it accordingly.I am only a second chemo cycle still ,2 till go.Take care look after yourself and let the others take of you.You are the one who needs you be kind,gentle to yourself and keep us updated.Debza

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    Thank you Debza,have you had two chemos and two to go?


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    I went into chemo not even completely healed from my surgeries! I have literally not had a break in between  ANY of my surgeries/treatments......lumpectomy, chemo and bialteral mastectomy with expanders is now behind me....I'm still recovering from my mastectomy and last expansion was Monday just planning scan for radiation is next tuesday...then i start rads two weeks later! It's full on but if your team has delayed your treatment, let me tell you, it's not taken lightly! 

    You will be well looked after by the chemo team and the nurses are brilliant! Express any concerns about how you feel, health or otherwise to your team....they will accomodate..

    Good luck with your chemo and hope your symptoms subside quickly so you can get cracking and kick this to the kerb!




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    Thank you so much Tracy and all the best to you too :)


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