Friday Update on Saturday

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Hi everyone. I was feeling a little under the weather yesterday - I've got a cold - so welcome to a special Saturday edition of the Friday Update ;-)

Community Highlights

We have 39 new members this week. Please say hello to bogantotrojan, Cathy2508, Julesy, April, Catheriner1633, bjp and all our new members.

We had 68 posts and 458 comments. Here are some great discussions you might have missed.

BCNA News and Events

Up for a new and exciting challenge? How about a 10-day trekking through the heart of Tuscany for BCNA? If you're ready to take on a physical challenge and get back into tip top shape with some fellow BCNA members, then check out Tuscany Trek 2017.

Speaking of treks, last weekend BCNA staff members Grace and Fiona and Carlton Fernwood trainers Kara and Dre took on Oxfam's Trailwalker Australia. This event raised $2.4 million for Oxfam Australia - making a huge impact on the lives of those living in poverty around the world. How awesome are they? It makes me tried just looking at the pictures.

Let's also congratulate Rebecca Maddern for her fantastic debut last weekend as the first female host of the AFL Footy Show. Rebecca is a longtime BCNA supporter. Go Team Pink! (Also, go Pies!)

On to some more serious news. If you would like to have your say in the development of a new secondary/advanced breast cancer self-help tool, we would love to hear from you. Researchers from Flinders University are looking for people to take part in a new research project. There are two ways you can participate; to complete a 30 minute phone interview contact or phone (08) 8204 7150, or to complete a 20 minute online survey visit

A new form of Herceptin that is easier and quicker to administer than the standard intravenous (IV) drip has been listed on the PBS for people with HER2-positive breast cancer. To find out more, please see this article.

And that's it! I'm heading back to bed with a nice hot cup of tea. I hope you all have a comfortable weekend. If you're up to something special, let me know in the comments below :-)


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    Take care and rest up. A cold is just so debilitating