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hI ALL I have a pet winge. I got to say being sent home with a pile of books and a video after loosing muscle and flesh from sternum  to scapula  at back  , in agony, in depression , with Cancer, and been told to sort it out yourself  is a little less attention than I expected, when I saw the shark victim yesturday on Tv  has been given so much help.I was kicked put of hospital less than 24 hrs on mestechtomy and less than 4 hrs on lumpectomy. That/s my pet gripe for the day. Hugs to you all Peta



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    I too felt very isolated after surgery. Yes my family was there but not health professionals. I did have a district  nurses visit due to drains but only the first one offered support. I had good support pre surgery but post surgery it does feel you have to get on with it. Eventually my local breast care nurse contacted me but it was a number of days, but this was after I cobtacted her.

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    Yeh I know it is surprising that the shark attack victim  on news, didn't get sent home with shark repellant and told to handle things like we were, I think if that had happened everyone would have been in an uproar. Hugs to you Peta

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    Hi Peta, it's no wonder you are feeling isolated and upset, that is a very short time after surgery to be sent out without much help or assistance. It does seem that some hospitals are better than others at providing good aftercare support, which is pretty unfair. 

    Were you referred to a breast care nurse? Hopefully they can help to support you through your post-surgery challenges. I found I needed to be pro-active and chase my BC nurses, but they always got back to me within a few days. 

    One of the things I found really helpful in my physical recovery was attending an Encore Program which is run by the YWCA in all States. It's a free 8 week exercise program (pool & land based) that has been specifically put together by physios etc for women who have had breast cancer surgery and it has improved my mobility and strength both times I have attended (once during treatment in 2013 & recently following reconstruction). Not sure if they have a program running near you (google YWCA Encore to check it out if you're interested). The other benefit was meeting other women and hearing  / meeting local service providers that might be of interest. You do have to be at least 8 weeks from surgery to participate, but it might be something worth looking into.

    Hope this helps and don't forget, we're always here to listen xx

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    Thanks I think I will look up encore. Breast care nurses don't give a hoot and don't want to be involved  unless I take up a Mcgrath Foundation nurse and I have to travel to her which is rediculous as she hasnt had the mestechtomy.I odn't have family support and that has been a trauma for me they expect me to keep fixing their problems or have not heard from my brother and his wife since October Diagnosis 2015. My husband has been wonderful but is tired I know  which is expected his Bi poloar and this is extraordinarily had for him as he has fears of diseases mostly cancers.I broke down this week but have a back up system with hospital Psych on weekly basis as I cannot handle people expecting me to handle everything the same way I did before all this. The system needs to be better and this should not just be a forum for all of us to poor out our greivances but a forum to created change in the mindset of everyone.Thanks for you help Hugs to you Peta

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