a little ditty

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A friend and I worked on this little ditty.  


With Chemo, while resting in a comfy chair

The wig replacing the falling hair

I've had enough of this aggravation

Rounds of chemo, then radiation


The medicine chest is full to the top

But if it comes in a capsule a pill or a drop

I've got it covered for all situations

From galloping trots to constipation


My husband complains of his thinning hair

At least he has some in his underwear.

I’ve lost my locks, underarm and thatch

And from the neck up, we almost match


On the plus side my body’s a ninja with mozzies

I can walk round buck naked or only in cozzies

They dare not touch me or suck on my gore

To leave me with welts that are itchy and sore


The babies they’d hatch would be sure to mutate

Growing 2 heads as they try to pupate

Speaking of eating I’m not sure you’d know

The effects of the taste-buds, they wither and slow


So use this time wisely, nutribullet to the max

Mix anything green – Brussels  sprouts to flax

The curries I make are so very strong

The family say I could turn it into a bomb


The treatment is there, so give it a shot

This BC is hateful and can just go to pot

Just go day by day and minute to minute

But if you don’t give it a go you’ll never beat it






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    wonderful. Love it. What is the old saying, if we don't laugh we'll cry. I'd rather laugh if I can. Thanks so much for sharing. HUGS, Jacqui xxx

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    What a talent- well done and thanks- it is terrific! Mandy


  • Chixon
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    Well done.!!!!  You made me laugh! XX

  • primek
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    Love it Thanks. Kath x

  • InkPetal
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    HAHAHAH Oh no, galloping trots. HAHAHA You couple of charmers.

    Great read!

  • Brenda5
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    That's really good. Spoken as written on the inside of things.