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From todays blog....hope you are all having an easy day....


Day 20 - after round two

"Hello Aunty Tracy" the little voice said over the phone, " Hello Mi Mi!" What are you doing?" I said back....." I went on the big scooter! I went on a biiiig bike ride! Bye, Bye, love you!"

Those were the words of my insanely cute, 3 year old great niece, Mia. I was talking to her Granddad (my B.I.L) when she popped on the phone....the sheer innocence and wide eyed excitement in her voice while she talked about her "adventure" made me smile...." Bye Bye Sweetie, I love you too!"

It also made me think..isn't it a shame we tend to lose that innocence, that wide eyed excitement about the simplest of things. We see the world differently as adults, we learn fear, we learn hate...It's a shame that we don't really take notice of our surroundings.... I mean really LOOK ...we are too consumed with being adult! We LOOK but don't SEE...

It's also a shame we don't often think of such things until a crisis enters our life....We are shocked into noticing, shocked into accepting....

I have always been able to LOOK at things in a way that others may not....I tend to dissect what I SEE and break it down into smaller sections...this comes from being an artist I's like a program in my head receiving puzzle pieces for the next drawing..

My current experience, along with others that have happened over the years have made me really stand back from the world and LOOK...look in a way I haven't since I was little....I will sit by the ocean and breathe in the air and calm, I will look at the sky and float with the clouds, I will look at the stars and talk to my loved ones, I will sit in the quiet and listen to the world around me, the birds, the cars, the dogs barking, the children playing....I will sit in the sunshine and soak in it's warmth...I will no longer rush around, after all,, what really IS the rush??

I will look at my situation as an exciting bike ride, a ride where the road twist and turns, goes high to the top of a mountain and low to into the misty valleys....and along the way I will stop to enjoy the view and see the world's true beauty.... through the eyes of that wide eyed child...

Try it.....

Happy Sunday....

<3 xX Xx <3



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    Being a teacher of young children has given me many special experiences of looking at the world through the eyes of a child. One of my favourites was from a special little girl (she was extra special as she was autistic) who was obsessed with butterflies. She called them "flutterflies" which is actually really more appropriate when you think about it!! I always think of that when I see a butterfly.

    Another one recently was from a little boy so excited about his experience. "Water came out of the ground and then I saw a rainbow!" He was talking about a sprinkler!

    We are surrounded by ordinary things that can become extraordinary when you slow down and really look. That is something that we can appreciate while life slows during treatment. The trick then is to hang onto that when we recover!

    Deanne xxx

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    Love your outlook on life, Tracy. 

    Take care, Lyn

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    A lovely post Tracy & so true, since being diagnosed I have really started to notice things which I never really thought about before.

    Travelling by car I often say to my hubby look at that tree isn't it beautiful & I love sitting by the ocean letting the cool breeze take away my troubles.



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    So true & so well written