A prayer for all

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From today's blog......


Hope everyone is having a good day....for those who aren't sending hugs!


Day 10- after round two

Slept really well after my big day yesterday! It's a rainy day here today, so not much to do but potter about inside.

My taste buds are returning and I'm actually feeling hungry again!

I have spent the morning reading posts and interacting on BCNA...so many brave women are going through what I am...so many are just diagnosed...some have got it worse.....so many have reached the milestone of being cancer free!

It's to all these ladies, The Pink Troopers, as I call them, I say...Yes it's tough, but we are tougher....Hang in there! You are strong and beautiful! Together we can stamp out Breast Cancer! We march on united......<3

Although my journey has only just begun... I send thoughts and prayers to those who are still battling...not just breast cancer, but all cancers......

I found this poem by Jill Eisnaugle and would like to share it...to all the Pink Troopers....

<3 Xx xX <3


Dear Lord, You’ve done so much for me
Thank You with all my soul
But, I’ve something to ask of thee
Needing Your grand control
I’ve waged this battle and I’ve won
Yet, others battle still
For some, their journey’s just begun
Please guide each in Your will.

I’ve walked this road; I’ve felt each bump
I have conquered Your test
I’ve grown much wiser, since the lump
Located in my breast
I see the world much differently
I pray others will, too
So many fight audaciously
Lord, help to see them through.

Dear Lord, I ask with all my heart
Please touch these special lives
Bless them with courage from the start
Bring hope into their eyes
Let their hope shine a hallowed light
That burns forevermore
To honor their spirited fight
And our dreams for a cure.




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    So glad you are feeling a bit better & getting hungry Tracy.

    I love the poem.

    Sending hugs

    Eileen xx

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    That is a beautiful poem. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better and wanting to eat. Must be a good sign. :) I am so glad I found this site. You are all amazing brave caring women. Thank you so much. Scorpionqueen sending you and everyone else lots of hugs. You can never get enough hugs. 

    Jacqui xxx

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    Beautiful, Tracy