friends bearing gifts

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Yesterday my friend came  to visit for lunch. She brought the beautiful lunch with her, as well as dinner for our whole family for that night, kindly considering our vegetarian son. We had a good talk and laugh, I had my first glass of wine in about a month, and then it was time for her to go.

As we were saying goodbye at the car, I looked around at the beautiful brisk autumn day, and felt the wind ruffle the back of my head. As I watched, I saw a long hair from my head lifted off on the wind and blew away into the diffuse sunlight. "This is probably the start" I thought.

Going inside, I lifted from the bag the other package that my friend had bought over..... her sister's wig.

Good friends always know exactly what we need.




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    Just beautiful xx

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    Actions speak louder than words.....


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    :') Beautiful

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    What a wonderful friend. Thanks for sharing :D

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    Good friends ..... irreplaceable ??