2 years - I passed the test

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Can't say I am feeling great,

Can't say I am feeling emotional,

Can't say I feel fabulous right now,

Just taking in the NOW, this moment,

Is there a problem, do I have a problem at this moment?

I do have two beautiful boys,

I do have a loving husband, who accompany me to my mammogram,

I did feel anxious, as my mind automatically travel to the past, and looking for sad memories,

Was it real? Yes, I need to accept it as "the PAST"  not NOW

Right NOW, 2 years to the date ...

My children reminds me that I am here everyday, every moment and it counts .....

can't say it was fun, but at least I tried to make some fun at times ...

may be it is good to let out some steam here ...

thanks for reading

We are all here to travel along this journey and learn to focus on the NOW rather then the PASTs or the WHAT IFs ...

xxxooo Amy


  • Leonie Moore
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    Yes we all need to live in the NOW.  I still find it so difficult to accept that people are still so negative about life.  They are the ones who have not been touched like us by a life threatening illness.  I see them as so empty and do not wish to be around them. XLeonie

  • chemostyle
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    I am trying very hard to learn how to live in the NOW again.  It is so hard when you are an adult - p.s. I've started  reading The Power of NOW (by Eckhart Tolle). 

  • pisces_tas
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    lovely poem about passing two years survival.