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Clau79Clau79 Member Posts: 3
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Hi im 36 years old just recently found out i have breast cancer once again after having it ten years ago on the same breast will be getting a masectomy done followed by treatment absolutely terrified and scared wanted to know if anybody is the same boat? Really need support from people that understand what im going through right now :(o


  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 2,966
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    This is not the news you want. But if it helps very slightly, I had a mastectomy and treatment three and a half years ago and I am fine. Pull in every bit of support you can, be determined and you can get through this. 

    Best wishes

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    Hi there 

    Sorry to hear your diagnosis. I am 37 years old had mastectomy last month. I opted for bilateral even though I had breast cancer in left side only. The main reason was to save lymph nodes in my right arm. Left side cancer took lymph nodes from my left arm and if cancer comes back in my right side both my arms would be weak. Atleast at this stage i think this decision is good...future i dont know. Recovery from the actual surgery is pretty quick. I have to warn you about the drains that can come home with you. The drain incisions are more painful than the actual scars :( but i was fully mobile in 2 weeks. My surgeon  and oncologist both said to me that at my age this is more of a mental game than a physical one. So physically we will be up pretty easily. But depending on how your mindset is it can take you to places you have never been. The most important suggestion i will give you is keep your surrounded by positive people. Coz everyday will be different and to be surrounded by lots of positive people who can save you from sinking too deep will make the whole journey easier. I am on my second round of chemo and i am managing well physically. I completely agree with what my doctors said and i think it will apply to you too. Also if you need do not hesitate to get an appointment with psychologist too. I havr kept that option open though i haven't needed it yet.

    Hope you get a positive note from here. Good luck with your journey ahead.

    Take care


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    Hi Clau79,

    Thanks for coming online. The Online Network is here to provide you with as much support as you need. The members are wonderful and will be there for you.  We have a young women's group you may like to join. 

    Let me know if I can help in anyway.




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    So sorry you are going through a bc diagnosis for a second time. I was diagnosed almost 3 years ago and had a mastectomy and treatment. You will find lots of support on here.

    During my recovery I have met many women who were diagnosed at a young age and are living well many years down the track. One of these has a story similar to yours. She was diagnosed for the first time at 27. She had a second diagnosis 12 years later (double mastectomy and reconstruction) and again had treatment. She is now 10 years clear of that diagnosis and living a happy, busy, healthy life again.

    I hope you find this site a great support, as many of us do. Wishing you all the best. Take care. Deanne xxx

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    Thank you so much:)

  • Clau79Clau79 Member Posts: 3
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    Thank you for the advice trying to stay as positive as i can have a psychologist thats been helping, everything seems so overwhelming at this stage. Just wanting to get the cancer out and than later concentrate on treatment and reconstruction. Im sure i will get through this unexpected journey but must be taken. Thanks again for sharing your story with me means so much.

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    Hi Clau

    It is scary. I had ovarian cancer 12 years ago then diagnosed with invasive breast cancer almost one year ago.  Have had chemo and double mastectomy, hysterectomy, reconstruction this last year.  It was a hard year but one year out I am truly happy and at peace and feel stronger than I have ever felt in my life. I feel able to accept whatever might happen in the future.  Good luck with your treatment. 

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    Hi Clau79,

    Sorry to hear your news.  I have been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer after being clear for 10 yrs after my first time in 2001. Just remember to take everyday one day at a time. Deal with on challenge at a time and try not to over think things this is coming from the queen of overthinking mind you. Being well informed about your situation from your medical team is also a good thing ask questions lots of them so you know exactly whats going on. You have got this sister....


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